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Real Nifty Launches Its ‘Wish NFT’ to Make Wishes Come True

Real Nifty announced the release of its new NFT minting service “Real Nifty Wish,” which allows anyone to create an NFT to make their wishes come true. While NFTs to date have allowed celebrities and artists to determine what to sell, Real Nifty’s new NFT allows people to pay for things they want from them.

Real Nifty is a service dedicated to creating innovative uses of NFTs for real things, which its founders believe to be the next evolution for NFTs, beyond digital assets and content. “NFTs have opened up the possibilities for what can be done with every asset, including physical items, IP- or rights-based assets, even things we didn’t realize were valuable, like our time or an idea or a wish,” commented co-founder Shi Wen Li. 

With the launch of its latest consumer product, the Real Nifty Wish NFT, the company is adding a twist to NFTs that’s opening up the possibilities on what an NFT can represent. For example, say it’s been your dream to video chat with an artist. Instead of waiting for an opportunity that may never come, you can go to Real Nifty’s website and mint an NFT for your wish. That newly minted NFT will represent the right to have a video chat with said artist, which ultimately can be bid on and resold.

“Think of the Wish NFT like going to an art auction, but instead of bidding just on the inventory of art to be sold, you are able to bid on commissioning the artist to create something you want.  The differences also are that this auction is open forever to anyone with a crypto-wallet and every artist or celebrity could be bid on,” Li added.

The form is simple – just fill in who you want a wish from, what your wish is, how much your bid is, and mint the NFT. The Real Nifty team then reaches out to the celebrity to let them know they have an outstanding wish from a fan and an actual bid, which they can choose to accept or reject.  If accepted, Real Nifty’s technology helps coordinate wish fulfillment and if rejected/ignored, the bid is returned. 

The team created this product after speaking with celebrities who wanted to launch their own NFTs but were concerned about it being a positive experience to their fans and the broader impact of NFTs.

The Real Nifty Wish NFT addresses both by not only letting fans determine what they want and how much they want to pay, but also allowing the celebrity to donate the proceeds to the charity of their choice, including the company’s “Ultimate Green NFT” collaboration. Real Nifty is collaborating with several reforestation efforts to reverse, and more than offset, the carbon impact of NFTs and blockchain technology.

Photo by HUNTER LEONARD on Unsplash

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