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flovtec Teams up with AirCarbon Exchange to Support in Reducing Carbon Emissions

Flov technologies AG (flovtec), a Swiss technology company providing fully automated algorithms to facilitate liquidity in digital asset management, is excited to announce a partnership with AirCarbon Exchange. 

AirCarbon, the world’s first digital carbon exchange, is a streamlined and transparent trading platform for global carbon offsets. The exchange aggregates carbon credits into tradable assets around market demand giving corporations and investors easy access to this growing investment class. Carbon credits backing the Tokens traded on the Exchange are verified by the British Standards Institution to meet required standards, providing an additional layer of assurance and integrity. 

Today’s carbon markets are growing rapidly. However, they are based on heterogenous projects, with different methodologies, dates of issuance, etc. By tokenizing carbon credits, AirCarbon aims to reduce friction in the global trading of carbon credits via a transparent and efficient marketplace.

Liquidity is an essential feature of any market, but especially important for nascent markets such as the one AirCarbon is trying to build. Therefore, flovtec is enthusiastic about applying its Market Making Solution in this novel context and being supportive of innovative ways to reduce global carbon emissions.

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

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