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Clubhouse Media Taps Into Blossoming NFT Market with New Crypto Content Strategy

Clubhouse Media Group Inc., an influencer-based marketing and media firm with a vast aggregate global social media reach, is excited to announce that the Company has begun preparations toward the launch of a new content house focused on the creation, tokenization, and sale of unique digital artwork and content items associated with NFTs. 

BlockhouseCH will seek to leverage the Company’s strong network to bring together leading artists, influencers, and experts in personal finance, cryptocurrency investing, and the NFT marketplace. In addition, through BlockhouseCH, the Company intends to tokenize content from in-house creators to be marketed on platforms such as rally.io. It will also attempt to identify opportunities centered on promising digital artwork that can be acquired, tokenized, and marketed, with the Company’s powerful influencer network helping to market such items.

BlockhouseCH will also provide expert social media content tailored to those interested in cryptocurrencies, angel investing, personal finance, and alternative stored value opportunities, including collectibles.

Chris Young, President of Clubhouse Media, commented, “BlockhouseCH will be one of the world’s first crypto-centric content houses, bringing together real expertise in the cryptocurrency and NFT space and pairing that expertise with heavy hitters on the influencer side to create content designed to resonate with those interested in personal finance, NFTs, and cryptocurrency investing and deliver it to a massive global audience through leading social platforms.”

A non-fungible token, or NFT, is a unit of data stored on a blockchain that certifies the uniqueness of a digital asset (a piece of content, a song, a picture, a highlight, a video clip, a tweet, or any other piece of digital information that may have cultural value). By purchasing an NFT associated with a digital asset, one can own it as a unique non-fungible asset, even though other people may still be able to view and share the associated content.

“By analogy, anyone can go to an art museum and look at a painting,” continued Young. “And anyone can buy a print of the painting or take a picture of it. But only one entity can own the original painting. To carry the analogy further, the more popular the painting becomes, and the more prints of it are bought and imaged online, the more valuable the original painting becomes, with all of that value conferring singularly to the owner of the original painting. The same logic applies to the NFT market, where we have seen enormous growth over the past year.”

Major NFT marketplaces such as Rarible and Opensea have seen sales rise between 50-fold to 100-fold in the past three months. Leading venture capital firms have started to fund new platforms, and more platforms are anticipated. In first quarter of 2021, the combined market cap of major NFT projects has expanded 1,785%, according to Forbes.com.

Management believes the cryptocurrency marketplace is set to become the port of entry for all internet media over time. Tokenization makes the internet ownable, which is a breakthrough on an enormous financial scale that may form the basis for one of the most important trends in finance over coming years. Clubhouse Media is a content-driven enterprise that has already built a massive global content distribution footprint. BlockhouseCH will seek to leverage that reach to position Clubhouse Media as a leader in this trend.

About Clubhouse Media

We believe Clubhouse Media represents the future of influencer media and marketing, with a global network of professionally run content houses, each of which has its own brand, influencer cohort and production capabilities. Clubhouse Media offers management, production and deal-making services to its handpicked influencers, a management division for individual influencer clients, and an investment arm for joint ventures and acquisitions for companies in the social media influencer space. Clubhouse Media’s management team consists of successful entrepreneurs with financial, legal, marketing, and digital content creation expertise.

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

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