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Exordium Receives $500,000 Investment from Polyient for the Development of Sci-Fi MMO Infinite Fleet

Exordium, a triple-A game publisher, today announces a $500,000 investment from Polyient Ventures, an investment group focused on virtual economies, as part of its ongoing security token offering (STO) for the revolutionary sci-fi massively multiplayer online (MMO) strategy game Infinite Fleet.

Samson Mow, creator of Infinite Fleet and CEO of its developing studio Pixelmatic, said, “There’s an extremely powerful use case for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in gaming, as it gives in-game assets easy transferability outside of the official in-game store. Polyient’s platform has seen remarkable growth, and we’re excited to be collaborating with their team as it diversifies into Bitcoin-related technologies.”

Pixelmatic plans to issue each Infinite Fleet spaceship as an NFT on the Liquid Network, a sidechain of Bitcoin, which will allow players to trade their ships in a peer-to-peer fashion. Adding Infinite Fleet to its existing portfolio of decentralized finance (DeFi) and NFT projects, Polyient will make select artworks and items from the vast expanse of Infinite Fleet available to interested buyers as NFTs on the Polyient Games NFT Marketplace.

Craig Russo, co-founder of Polyient Games, said, “This strategic investment from Polyient drives us further into the tokenized asset space and highlights our commitment to supporting leading innovation within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Infinite Fleet allows players to direct their own experience, in a universe filled with unique items for gamers to collect, trade, or keep for themselves. We are delighted to be getting involved in such an exciting project with some heavy hitting developers, at a time when NFTs and blockchain gaming are really taking off.” 

Infinite Fleet is an online strategy game within which players command fleets of customizable spaceships and play cooperatively to fend off an alien threat, leaving their legacy in the game’s lore via its unique directed narrative feature. The game draws inspiration from space real-time strategy (RTS) and MMO classics like Homeworld and EVE Online, while integrating a crypto asset to power its in-game peer-to-peer economy.

Infinite Fleet’s development team is led by veteran AAA game developers that have worked on franchises such as Age of Empires, Homeworld, Company of Heroes, Dawn of War, Mass Effect, and other top-rated games, which have collectively grossed over $1.2 billion globally. In its ongoing fundraising round, Exordium has so far raised more than $7.2 million.

Aspiring commanders can sign-up for more information and join the alpha on the Infinite Fleet homepage, while interested investors can find out how to participate in the Infinite Fleet STO on stokr.io/infinite-fleet.

About Exordium Limited

Exordium is a video game publisher founded by a team of seasoned game industry executives. At the forefront of the convergence between online gaming and crypto assets, Exordium focuses on operating and distributing games that are innovative and socially immersive. The team behind Exordium has previously published a number of successful AAA titles.

About Polyient

Founded in 2018, Polyient is the leading infrastructure underpinning prosperous, decentralized virtual economies. The Polyient Ecosystem consists of Polyient Capital, the asset management division; Polyient Ventures, the business investment division; and Polyient Labs, the technological development division, where the company develops leading decentralized technologies. Polyient Games, the decentralized gaming ecosystem, is the first decentralized economy running on Polyient infrastructure. Polyient Games allows collectors, gamers, and developers to interact with one another from different decentralized gaming worlds and exchange NFTs from one game to another through a Polyient’s decentralized exchange (DEX). Polyient Games enables gamers to derive value from in-game assets for the first time, adding unprecedented liquidity to the gaming world. Polyient aims to expand the model for this gaming economy, providing the blueprint for decentralized ecosystems in other industries.

Photo by Axville on Unsplash

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