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Expanding the Token Economy: How To Democratize Access to NFTs and Tokenization

As interest in NFTs and tokenization soars, the new Sarson Funds reports details on how no-code platforms like TokenMaker could shape the future of the token economy.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have surged in popularity recently amongst cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors alike. With digital art from creators like Beeple selling for millions, and big brands like NikeLouis Vuitton, and more racing to develop tokenized solutions for their brand and products, the market demand for customizable token solutions stands to increase according to a recent report from cryptocurrency education firm Sarson Funds. To meet that demand, Sarson Funds believes that rapid no-code tokenization platforms like TokenMaker stand to benefit from this emergent trend in enterprise blockchain applications.

The firm’s report, Accessing the Token Economy: How TokenMaker Democratizes Access to NFTs and Tokenization, highlights how user-friendly do-it-yourself (DIY) tokenization platforms like TokenMaker can quickly meet enterprise demand for no-code business and user-oriented tokenization solutions. 

Tokenization redefines the concept of digital ownership, and recent market traction has made it clear that the token economy is here to stay. As tokenizing asset ownership grows more prevalent, the business demand for customizable token solutions stands to increase.

The TokenMaker platform’s relevancy arrives in the market at an opportune time, with NFTs experiencing a record-breaking year, as companies, artists, athletes, creators, musicians and others are earning thousands and even millions of dollars in revenue from tokenized assets. NFTs have redefined digital asset ownership and created a lucrative new method for artists and creators to monetize their work. Consumers too are attracted to the uniqueness and indivisibility of these digital assets, contributing to the craze. 

TokenMaker’s goal is to create the world’s largest crypto token and NFT creation community. TokenMaker’s no-code platform allows for universal accessibility alongside a variety of platform options including Token CreatorNFT StudioICO DashboardsToken AirDropDecentralized Exchanges (DEX), and Lending

Sarson Funds’ report is designed to serve as a foundational guide for the community to better understand the basics of the token economy, tokenization use cases, and how to access the token economy through platforms like TokenMaker.

“TokenMaker democratizes access to the token economy, delivering accessibility, usability, and customizability to creators without technological barriers to entry,” said TokenMaker Director Ben Way.

Way, along with TokenMaker CEO Nick Fallon, launched TokenMaker in hopes of expanding access to tokenization capabilities for individual and business users alike. The platform has already garnered over 4,000 active users. 

“Ultimately, we believe expanded access to tokenization will be the key driver and differentiator for continued growth and value expansion in the token economy,” according to Fallon.    

Sarson Funds CEO John Sarson commented on TokenMaker, stating, “There’s a clear impending market demand and need for businesses and individuals to create tokens rapidly, that suit unique use-cases without hindrance from unnecessary technical barriers.”

The report is available here for free, and on the Sarson Funds website.

Photo by Boitumelo Phetla on Unsplash

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