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Top 10 Security Token and Tokenization Articles of 2020

Happy New Year! 2020 has been a strange year in so many ways, but one thing is certain – the tokenization industry has evolved significantly and The Tokenizer with it. We have had a look back at the articles that have generated most attention over the year and prepared a top-10 of the most read tokenization articles of 2020.

The top tokenization articles 2020 list is a snap-shot based on the statistics as of late December 2020. Some are more recently published than others and are hence likely to continue to climb the list.

Top Tokenization Articles of 2020

  1. Real estate tokenization for dummies
  2. Leaked document from the EU Commission aiming for crypto regulation
  3. What happened to STOs? A breakdown of the current market
  4. Tokenization of classic cars: revival of a hidden gem for financial asset diversification?
  5. Understand the basics of tokenization
  6. One model to regulate all tokens
  7. Does tokenization of art really make sense?
  8. Competing countries in the token economy
  9. The new EU regulation “MiCA” for cryptocurrencies: a major breakthrough?
  10. Driving the industry of tokenization – PART ONE 

On the very top of our list, we find a guest post from Digishares‘ CEO Claus Skaaning focused on real estate tokenization. Besides the fact that the article is a good read, the position is also a clear indication that real estate has been the sector that has come the furthest in its adoption of tokenization.

The second article on the list was the breaking news about the EU Commission’s new crypto regulation. This was a significant development of 2020 and something that will certainly shape the development of the tokenization market in Europe and beyond.

Third on the list of top tokenization articles was another guest post – this one a very thorough analysis of the STO market delivered by Darpan Kumari.

Fourth on the list put the spotlight on a more exotic (but very relevant) use-case for tokenization – tokenization of classic cars. This guest post provided by Nicolas Weber from Amazing Blocks was also very popular on social media.

When we analyse the Google Search Console for organic search traffic to The Tokenizer, we can see that many visitors start by asking Google questions like “What is Tokenization?” or “What is an STO?”. Hence it is not surprising that the series of educational videos from INX made it to the list of top tokenization articles of 2020 as they do a great job answering some of these basic questions.

While the news about the upcoming EU regulation had a very broad appeal, the more in-depth focus on one of the world’s most mature token regulations – the Blockchain Act of Liechtenstein – was clearly of interest to our readers. This and other articles about Liechtenstein were also among the most shared and discussed on social media.

The Tokenizer’s Editor-in-Chief Michael Juul Rugaard is a keen art-enthusiast and his passion is clearly reflected in his opinion piece about the tokenization of fine art. This article was written back in February of 2019 but has clearly stayed relevant and attractive to our readers as it made it to the list as the seven-most read story of 2020.

Security token regulation is clearly of great interest and hence the article comparing the current regulation in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany became popular – and even resulted in an online vote conducted by Polymath on Twitter.

Number nine on the list was the fourth article among the top-10 focused on regulation. This one containing a recording of a very informative online seminar about the newly proposed EU crypto regulation. The seminar is produced by Frankfurt School Blockchain Center and consist of a very prominent panel with Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner, Frankfurt School Blockchain Center; Robert Kopitsch, Blockchain for Europe; Alireza Siadat, Annerton; Simon Seiter, Deutsche Börse; Lee A. Schneider, block.one. As online seminars were very much a thing of 2020, having one on the top-ten list makes for a perfect reflection of the year.

The last story on the 2020 list of the top tokenization articles was originally published in December 2019 and was a first of a series of three parts of an in-depth interview with Rune Christensen, CEO of MakerDAO and a pioneer of the token economy.

What will 2021 bring in terms of tokenization and security token news? Will 2021 be the year of tokenization? Time will tell, but one thing is certain – The Tokenizer will be there to continue our mission to help this wonderful new industry!

Happy New Year!

Photo by ViTalko from Pexels