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The Present and Future of Security Tokens – Barcelona Trading Conference 2019

In the middle of July, members of The Tokenizer team went to Barcelona for a great conference – Barcelona Trading Conference. One of the highlights of the conference was this panel moderated by Ziv Keinan, Founder, Ziv Keinan Law Office, Digital Assets Lawyers surrounded by an all-star panel:


  • Philipp Pieper, Co-Founder and Council Member, Swarm
  • Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder and CEO, Securitize
  • Roel Wolfert, Founder, CryptoDelta
  • Yoni Assia, Founder and CEO, eToro
  • Bilal El Alamy, Co-Founder & CEO/CSO, EquiSafe

2018 has seen rapid progress in the development of the security token ecosystem, and regulators across the globe have grown equally receptive. But while utility offerings diminish, STOs still haven’t realized their potential for capital raising and putting real-world assets on a blockchain. In this panel, we will explore:

  • What have cutting-edge issuers achieved so far?
  • How C-level leaders of prominent asset tokenization platforms see the field evolving?
  • What do regulators need to see happen to get on board?