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0–60 in 60 Days: Security Token Alliance Plans to Tokenize $6 Trillion

On this day two months ago, May 07, 2019, the Security Token Alliance was founded. STA founder Frederik Bussler saw from first-hand experience that the Security Token industry was fragmented and immature. In order to help industry players avoid the common legal, technical, and financial pitfalls of many projects, an industry organization needs to move faster than the rest of the industry.

Guest post by Frederik Bussler, Founder at STA — the industry’s biggest think tank

Therefore, the Security Token Alliance hit the ground running full speed, signing up 60 partners in their first 60 days, including names like Archax, Vertalo, Mt. Pelerin, Finhaven, Tokeny, LCX, and many more.

They’ve also been widely featured across tech and industry publications, including Forbes, The Tokenist, Altcoin Magazine, Securities.io, Hacker Noon, Digital Asset Live, and others. Moreover, they were represented as a delegate to V20 (a G20 Virtual Asset Summit).

Further, STA brought industry leaders together in their Tokyo headquarters for a launch event — with speakers including J.D. Salbego, CEO of Legion Ventures, Masakazu Masujima, Partner at Mori Hamada & Matsumoto, and Junya Yamamoto, CEO of Infinity Blockchain Labs.

These 60 days have been an important time for the Security Token industry, as STA has churned out educational content and reports, including decks on the value of Security Tokens, and a soon-to-be-released 32-page report on “Investing in Blockchain Technology.”

Finally, the Security Token Alliance has unveiled its goal to “tokenize $6 trillion.” STA partners collectively already have a combined transaction experience of over half a trillion dollars, and have experience tokenizing assets ranging from real estate to equity. STA hopes that such a lofty North Star goal will help to keep the organization focused on its journey to bring Security Tokens to mass adoption, through a global network of Security Token partnerships.

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