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Blockchain Credit Partners (BCP) Launches World’s First Tokenized High-Yield Private Credit Fund

The BCP High-Yield Fund is backed by US Assets, Provides Quarterly Payments, and is endorsed by The Institute for Blockchain Innovation (IBI) and Blockchain, Fintech & Financial Services Leaders

Blockchain Credit Partners (BCP), www.BlockchainCreditPartners.com, announced today the launch of the world’s first Tokenized High-Yield Private Credit Fund with a focus on providing consistent high-yield cash flow payments through lending against secured assets. The fund has chosen to use the Securitize platform and protocol for the issuance and lifecycle management of the fund. The Securitize DS Protocol will allow for future compliant trading of the fund on an authorized Alternative Trading System.

The BCP High-Yield Fund is the first time a high-yield private credit fund has been tokenized using the blockchain. The primary focus of the fund is on two segments of secured lending: Autos, and Real Estate. Loans will be in a senior secured position with attractive Loan-To-Value (LTV) ratios. The fund looks to provide consistent high-yield quarterly payments that are secured by hard assets on an over collateralized basis.

The BCP High-Yield Fund leverages the Managing Partners’ Gregory Keough and Derek Acree substantial experience in the traditional and online secured lending space. They have also served as C- Level executives at Global Fortune 500 enterprises.

The BCP Fund advisors and partners include a who’s who in the digital securities, blockchain, and traditional investments arenas and include:

The Institute for Blockchain Innovation (IBI), a global think tank composed of global pioneers in the Digital Securities (Security Token) and Blockchain Payments space who are building the future of financial systems on the blockchain

Associate Professor of Finance at University of Oregon, Visiting Fellow, Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, Partner at Collaborative Fund, Steve McKeon.

President, Securitize, Jamie Finn: Serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder of Securitize one of the leading digital security platforms for tokenized securities.

With additional advisors to be announced shortly.

Investing in High-Yield Private Credit has previously been reserved almost exclusively for ultra-high net worth private banking clients or hedge fund investors. The BCP Fund tokenization opens this investment opportunity up to global investors who are seeking secured high-yield cash flows.

Carlos Domingo, CEO & Co-founder Securitize, stated “We fully support the innovation of new financial products that re-imagine the traditional fund industry. Especially products that were previously only accessible to hedge funds or ultra-high net worth clients. Tokenized products running on our DS Protocol will allow funds to trade on regulated marketplaces and provide investors with additional benefits beyond the 7 year lock up model found currently in most private credit funds.”

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