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European Blockchain Convention is landing in Copenhagen as the 1st international Blockchain conference in the Nordics

On May 20th, European Blockchain Convention is landing in Copenhagen and it will be the 1st international blockchain conference in Denmark. The event is a unique opportunity for investors, industry experts and businesses who seek to acquire more knowledge on the topic, while also understanding how to effectively use blockchain as a daily instrument in day-to-day operations.   

Currently, the majority of most investments in blockchain projects come from Asia and the US. Out of the 30 biggest VC funds who have included blockchain in their investment portfolio, only 3 have a European background, and none of them are Scandinavians. This is partly due to the fact that blockchain is still yet to be fully recognized as valid technology in Danish and Nordic businesses, but also because of the general lack of awareness, experience and assessment of the technology through documented pilot projects.

In order to keep Danish investment funds and investors from missing out on investing in potentially ground-breaking and revolutionary blockchain initiatives, it is crucial to grow more familiar with the technology and the opportunities that lie within from a business perspective.

With presentations from over 40 industry experts, entrepreneurs and other bright minds, the ultimate goal of the European Blockchain convention is to bring more clarity, certainty and insights to prove that blockchain can, in fact, enhance business processes, logistics, transactions and much more.

European Blockchain Convention will primarily address 4 sectors: The financial sector, the shipping sector, the healthcare sector and public sector.

The welcome speech will be held by Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, Mayor of Employment and Integration in Copenhagen.

Speakers on stage will include representatives from Ripple, IOTA, EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, World Economic Forum, Ripple, Maersk, Danmarks Nationalbank, Danske Bank, IBM, ING, Bank of England, IMF, TrustWorks, MakerDAO, University of Copenhagen, PwC, Distributed Labs, Swiss National Bank and many more.

20may08:1517:30European Blockchain Conventionwhere the whole industry gathers

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