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The Token RegRadar by The Tokenizer

The Token RegRadar

- Global overview, priceless clarity


Asset tokenization will become a trillion-dollar global industry. But a lack of regulatory clarity and legal overview threatens to slow development. 


The Token RegRadar is built to provide professionals with an easy regulatory overview across jurisdictions – to increase data quality and save time & money.


The Token RegRadar is the first subscription-based SaaS product developed by The Tokenizer.


The Token RegRadar offers

  • A huge searchable asset tokenization regulation database
  • Detailed regulatory profiles of 50+ countries
  • Comparative regulatory analyses across 30+ countries 
  • Database of lawsuits within the industry
  • Global list of lawyers in the blockchain and token industry
  • Regulatory news and analyses delivered directly
  • Reports, surveys, and newsletters
  • FSAs, STOs, and Glossary.

The benefits of The Token RegRadar 

Lawyers and other professionals need fast access to quality data to serve their clients. The Token RegRadar: 


  • Enables fast response to client’s questions and requests
  • Provides easy access to accurate quality data
  • Keeps you up to date with regulatory developments
  • Helps professionals build up better relations with clients
  • Increases professional competencies
  • Delivers a competitive advantage
  • Save time and money through faster access to data.

The Token RegRadar is a service with a cost that quickly will be covered by the time saved and the increased 

quality of the insight subscribers gain.


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