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Swiss regulated securities firm, Taurus, is delighted to announce the full opening of its financial services and TDX marketplace to retail clients, following regulatory approval from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The approval signifies Taurus’ commitment to expanding access to its digital asset infrastructure, allowing retail clients to create accounts and trade digital assets and tokenized securities alongside professional clients.

Taurus, recognized as a leader in digital asset infrastructure for banks and corporates, has received approval to extend its services to a broader audience, facilitating the trading of digital securities in a secure and compliant manner. Retail, professional, and institutional investors can now access and trade various digital securities on the TDX marketplace using fiat currencies such as Swiss Franc (CHF), Euro (EUR), and US Dollar (USD).

The expansion of TDX to retail clients brings multiple benefits to both issuers and investors in the market. Companies can now access primary and secondary markets, enhancing the liquidity of digital securities and efficiently raising capital through custom liquidity schemes. Retail investors who participated in capital raises can seamlessly trade digital securities on a user-friendly and secure platform, marking a significant progress for this investor category. Professional investors will continue to trade in more liquid markets with increased participation.

Taurus has appointed Mr. Yann Isola as TDX Head of Product to oversee the design and implementation of the TDX platform across various customer segments. Mr. Isola, an industry veteran with 15 years of experience building trading platforms, joined Taurus in October 2023.

The company is also pleased to announce new tokenized assets from renowned Swiss companies, including Investis Group, la Mobilière, Qoqa, SCCF, Swissroc, and Teylor, that have selected TDX as their preferred venue for trading. This collaboration signifies a step forward in digitizing traditional financial assets and contributing to the growth of the digital asset space.

Taurus, a Swiss FinTech founded in April 2018, provides enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure for issuing, custody, and trading various digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, NFTs, and digital currencies. Supervised and regulated by FINMA, Taurus operates the TDX marketplace, an organized trading facility for digital securities.

Issuers’ Testimonials:

  • Fabio Monte, COO, Qoqa: “Thanks to the collaboration with Taurus, we are grateful to have successfully raised CHF 1 million in just 22 minutes. It is a natural step to make the Qrew equity token available for trading to our community.”
  • Helene Pasquini, Innovation Manager Eurapco Lab and la Mobilière: “We are pleased to partner with Taurus to support our new digital art internal project, leveraging their expertise across the value chain.”
  • Patrick Stäuble, Founder and CEO, Teylor: “Launching the Teylor Token for professional investors to create liquidity for the private SME debt asset class is a key milestone towards our goal.”
  • Harrison Mean, Head of Strategy, Swissroc Group: “Through Taurus technology and TDX, we can start learning and developing about new and innovative use cases, with the goal of unlocking tangible value for those wanting to invest in real estate products.”
  • Dimitri Rusca, Founder and CEO, SCCF Structured Commodity & Corporate Finance SA: “The tokenization of debt securities empowers us to streamline and digitize the financing of loans and procurement of commodities, enhancing efficiency.”

About Taurus SA

Taurus SA is a Swiss FinTech, founded in April 2018, that provides enterprise-grade digital asset infrastructure to issue, custody, and trade any digital assets: cryptocurrencies, tokenized assets, NFTs, and digital currencies. Taurus is a global leader in the banking segment, entrusted by the full spectrum of financial institutions: systemic banks, universal banks, online banks, crypto-banks, private banks, and broker-dealers. Taurus also operates a marketplace for private assets and tokenized securities. Taurus SA is a securities firm supervised and regulated by FINMA. TDX is an organized trading facility operated by Taurus.

About Mobilière Group

Every third household and every third company in Switzerland is insured by la Mobilière. Active in all lines of insurance, la Mobilière had an annual premium volume of around CHF 4.540 billion as at 31 December 2022. Eighty entrepreneurially run general agencies with their own claims service at around 160 locations guarantee proximity to over 2.2 million customers. The insurance group under the umbrella organisation Swiss Mobiliar Holding Ltd. includes Swiss Mobiliar Insurance Company Ltd. domiciled in Berne, Swiss Mobiliar Life Insurance Company Ltd. domiciled in Nyon, Swiss Mobiliar Asset Management Ltd., Protekta Legal Protection Insurance Ltd., Swiss Mobiliar Services Ltd., all domiciled in Berne, as well as Trianon SA and SC, SwissCaution SA, both domiciled in Nyon, and bexio AG, domiciled in Rapperswil. Also part of Mobilière Group are Swiss Mobiliar Risk Engineering Ltd., Mobi24 Ltd., XpertCenter Ltd., Buildigo Ltd. and Lightbird Ventures Ltd., all domiciled in Berne, Liiva AG and Foundera Ltd., both domiciled in Zurich, and Companjon, with headquarters in Dublin and Düsseldorf.

La Mobilière has around 6,200 employees in its home markets of Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein and provides 319 positions for trainees. Founded in 1826 as a cooperative, it is Switzerland’s oldest private insurance company. The Board of Directors of Swiss Mobiliar Cooperative ensures that the cooperative principles of the Group are upheld to this day.

About SCCF

SCCF SA (Structured Commodities and Corporate Finance) was established by former major bankers specialized in commodity trade finance, it originates and provides commodity backed investment opportunities to small and mid-size commodity merchants since 2004. SCCF specializes in sourcing short to mid-term financing for companies active in the trading, production, processing, tolling, transportation, and distribution of essential commodities throughout the world.

About Swissroc Group

Born from a strong determination to rethink established practices in the construction and real estate industry, the Swissroc Group has acquired multiple skills across the entire real estate value chain to improve the way we build and create lasting value for cities, their inhabitants, and the professions within the construction and real estate world. Founded in 2013, the Group counts more than 250 building sites, 40 developments to its name and over CHF 1bn in assets to be developed and is involved in every aspect of the value chain: Investment, Asset Management, Development, Architecture, Construction, Planning, and Sales. This bottom-up, interdisciplinary approach has allowed the Group to build the expertise and perspectives necessary to successfully identify, manage, and execute real estate projects and investment opportunities in French-speaking Switzerland. The Group is committed to reinventing the city and its inhabitants’ lives, providing concrete solutions to current climate challenges to build the city of tomorrow.

About Teylor AG

Teylor is the Swiss technology company that has developed the Teylor Credit Platform, a suite of software modules that enable financial institutions to build, deliver and scale digital credit products. Banks throughout Europe use Teylor’s software modules to innovate their lending processes, digitise their products and reduce the cost of lending. SMEs rely on Teylor for fast and convenient access to capital through Teylor’s own private debt fund. Teylor can customise its software modules to fit the requirements of any credit provider and credit product. Lenders can pick individual modules to complement and integrate with their existing legacy processes and technologies or develop entirely new digital processes from scratch. Teylor is Zurich-based and was founded in 2018 by Patrick Stäuble.

Image by Kanata from Unsplash

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