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GlobiancePay, a multiservice platform for all financial solutions, has announced the launch of its Security Token Offering (STO) to raise funds for its global expansion and development. The STO presents an opportunity for investors to own a revenue share of the entire GlobiancePay Group. GlobiancePay aims to operate licensed and regulated banking, securities dealing, and investment management services worldwide. The issuance of 100 million GBPAY tokens priced at 1 USD each, with the added benefit of a ‘Bonus’ structure for early investors.

Token holders have the potential to receive a 7.5% revenue share of the GlobiancePay Group’s business indefinitely – independent of profits, which may be attractive to investors. Furthermore, there may be an option to convert the tokens into equity at a later stage. GlobiancePay STO began in April 2023, and is available to both retail and professional investors in various jurisdictions. The STO is being conducted on the GlobiancePay security token platform, which seamlessly integrates with Globiance main platform. By choosing an STO, GlobiancePay aims to provide legal certainty, transparency and compliance to its investors and regulators.

The company’s further expansion plans include; Europe, UK, North America, South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, CIS, and Australia.

About GlobiancePay

As the sister brand of Globiance, which operates licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchanges globally, GlobiancePay provides a vast array of financial services to individuals as well as corporations. These services include IBAN accounts, card processing, payment gateway, merchant accounts, securities and commodities trading, tokenization, and asset management. GlobiancePay develops its own proprietary software, including a blockchain KYC nft/token, ISO 20022 messaging system incl. real time settlement, and a security token platform. The overarching goal of GlobiancePay is to create a comprehensive financial platform that adheres to the local regulations in each country, facilitating seamless transactions and granting users access to payments, accounts, cryptocurrencies, investments, and securities.

Expressing their enthusiasm for the launch of the STO, According to GlobiancePay’s founders, Irina La Rosa and Oliver Marco La Rosa…

Oliver: “We invite investors to join us in building the future of banking. Cryptocurrencies and the legacy banking industry can harmoniously address the new age of needs brought about by the ongoing fintech revolution. Through our STO, we offer a unique opportunity to own a revenue share in a global financial group that strives to connect every individual and company on our planet.”

Irina added: “I strive to change people’s lives and provide equal access to financial services for everyone. I am also actively leading transparent support for humanitarian projects, ensuring assistance reaches those in need.

GlobiancePay acknowledges the significance of providing access to financial tools that can positively improve lives. They are committed to building a platform that will provide unrestricted access & financial services to everyone; regardless of location or socioeconomic status.

André Casterman, advisor to XDC Network and Globiance, recently kicked off a partnership between Globiance and Stabiliti with the goal to make every Globiance-operated transaction carbon negative.

“Climate change is a top priority for financial institutions. Whether contributing voluntary or complying with regulatory requirements, financial institutions and their clients are engaging in offsetting carbon from their activities.”, explains André. “Globiance will be among the first to embed automated carbon offsetting into every single transaction. In addition to relying on EVM-compatible XDC Network (XinFin) which offers minimal transaction confirmation times, low transaction fees and forensic tools, GlobiancePay is embedding Stabiliti’s technology to become carbon negative.”

Photo by Owen Lystrup on Unsplash

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