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Tokeny, the leading tokenization platform, has joined forces with Avalanche to bring institutions a seamless and secure solution for issuing, managing, and transferring tokenized securities on the Avalanche blockchain.

This integration allows for quick, compliant tokenization of any asset type and real-time asset management – improving efficiency, reducing costs, and meeting investors’ demands for digital and real-time experiences. With built-in compliance, tokenized assets can connect to global trading venues, increasing liquidity and revolutionizing the financial landscape.

Tokenization is the next generation of securities, as confirmed by BlackRock CEO Larry Fink. In light of this evolution, institutions have been exploring efficient and secure ways to join the movement. 

However, developing a tokenization platform internally can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, drawing focus away from the key business challenges of adapting new operational models and developing new products in the evolving tokenized landscape.

This is where the partnership between Avalanche and Tokeny comes in, which provides a powerful and streamlined tokenization solution. Tokeny’s enterprise-grade, easy-to-use platform, integrated with Avalanche’s fast, cost-efficient, reliable, and eco-friendly blockchain, allows institutions to focus on their core business while leveraging the industry standard ERC3643 for ensuring compliance and control of tokenized assets.

Avalanche launched in September 2020, ushering in a new era for blockchains with near-instant transaction finality. Today, Avalanche supports 1000+ dApps and secures billions of dollars in value, all while having minimal climate impact. 

We’re excited to provide fast, scalable, and secure tokenization solutions for institutions to bring their assets on Avalanche’s blockchain network. In addition, our solutions provide financial institutions with multi-chain capabilities. They can easily move tokenized assets from less efficient blockchains, such as Ethereum, to a cost-efficient network, like Avalanche, while maintaining full ownership transaction records on our platform and ensuring future-proof solutions.Luc Falempin, CEO of Tokeny

Tokeny’s launch represents another key advancement of Ava Labs’ mission to digitize and tokenize the world’s assets. The Tokeny integration with Avalanche will provide another avenue for institutions to pursue their asset tokenization strategies while providing a faster, more efficient, and controlled environment for issuers and investors.

Morgan Krupetsky, Director of Business Development for Institutions and Capital Markets at Ava Labs

About Tokeny 

Tokeny provides a compliance infrastructure for digital assets. It allows financial actors operating in private markets to compliantly and seamlessly issue, transfer, and manage securities using distributed ledger technology. By applying trust, compliance, and control on a hyper-efficient infrastructure, Tokeny enables market participants to unlock significant advancements in the management and liquidity of financial instruments. The company is backed by strategic investors such as Euronext and Inveniam.

About Avalanche

Avalanche is the fastest, most reliable smart contracts platform in the world. Its revolutionary consensus protocol and novel Subnets enable Web3 developers to easily launch highly-scalable solutions. Deploy on the EVM, or use your own custom VM. Build anything you want, any way you want, on the eco-friendly blockchain designed for Web3 devs. 

Image by Johny Goerend from Unsplash

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