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Archax, the first FCA regulated digital securities exchange broker and custodian, just announced a partnership with ScribeStar, the leading digital capital markets documentation and compliance platform, to create a fully digital issuance and admissions experience for companies accessing the Archax markets.

Archax’s institutional-grade, regulated exchange and custody infrastructure is transforming the traditional model by digitalising not only the assets but also all the inherent processes of how those assets are brought to and traded on its market.

Traditionally, documentation drafting, compliance and admission processing are done manually with multiple parties passing information via analogue means. ScribeStar is changing this by enabling digital, seamless interactions and data processing from the pre-listing stage all the way through to admissions and ongoing reporting.  Its platform is transforming documentation creation and interactions among market participants to make the issuance process faster, more efficient, and more accurate.

Powered by ScribeStar, Archax’s digital issuance and admissions environment will embed with its overall digital infrastructure, for a user-oriented, easy and secure issuer experience.

Graham Rodford, CEO and co-founder of Archax, said: “ScribeStar’s platform has proven its ability to make even the most complex and traditional aspects of capital markets more efficient, as seen by its use in IPOs and other listings across London’s markets. Its ability to digitalise the process whilst maintaining trust from most prominent law firms and issuers aligns perfectly with Archax’s goal of becoming a trusted market for professional and institutional investors.”

Adam Shaw, Founder and Executive Chairman of ScribeStar, added: “Archax is at the forefront of the digital exchange business. We are delighted to become an integral part of the company’s offering, making regulatory compliance critical for maintaining confidence of high-performing institutional investors.” Damir Cimer, COO of ScribeStar, added: “Archax has brought together a world-class team that deeply understands the needs of these investors and has created a platform that will deliver a truly unparalleled issuer and investor experience. We share an aligned vision of a more accessible and easier market access, particularly for SMEs, who have historically faced high barriers to entry in institutional markets. This partnership is set to make things more accessible and user-friendly for them and others looking to list on Archax Exchange.”

Photo by Jonny Gios on Unsplash

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