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The INX Digital Company, Inc., a broker-dealer and inter-dealer broker – offering the first-ever SEC-regulated digital asset trading platform for both cryptocurrencies and security tokens, announced today the launch of The INX Way. The book is a collaboration by INX’s leadership and top legal, financial and regulatory experts, outlining INX’s multi-year, multi-disciplinary effort to execute the first-ever initial public offering on the blockchain.

In addition to detailing INX’s journey, The INX Way is an informative guide to help educate market participants, legal professionals, issuers and investors exploring alternative investments on how to successfully participate in today’s digital economy by  leveraging security tokens and blockchain technology. The book offers a variety of success stories and case studies, as well as the following key highlights:

  • The rise of the “Insumer” and how digital securities can enable companies to create deeper, more engaging relationships with them.
  • The use of the security token as a post-bankruptcy recovery mechanism.
  • The democratization and simplification of the capital raise process for startups and other high-growth companies.

“The global economy is in the midst of one of its most transformational periods in history. The digitization and tokenization of the world’s assets is both inevitable, with the blockchain and tokenization ecosystems continuing to impact industries from gaming and healthcare to finance to real estate,” said Shy Datika, founder & CEO of INX. “During this evolution, INX has been in the trenches, doing the work alongside U.S. regulators, to increase access and opportunities for investors to participate in, and benefit from, the digital economy. Because of our unique perspective we decided to put it in writing in The INX Way. We hope readers learn from our experiences and transform that knowledge into actionable insight.”

About INX

INX provides a regulated trading platform for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. With the combination of traditional markets expertise and a disruptive fintech approach, INX provides state-of-the-art solutions to modern financial problems. It is led by an experienced and dedicated team of business, finance, and technology veterans with the shared vision of redefining the world of capital markets via blockchain technology and innovative regulatory approach.

About The INX Digital Company, Inc.

INX is the holding company for the INX Group, which includes regulated trading platforms for digital securities and cryptocurrencies, combining traditional markets expertise and an innovative fintech approach. The Group’s vision is to be the preferred global regulated hub for digital assets on the blockchain. Its overall mission is to bring communities together and empower them with financial innovation. Our journey started with our initial public token offering of the INX Token in which we raised US$83 million. The Group is shaping the blockchain asset industry through its willingness to work in a regulated environment with oversight from regulators like the SEC and FINRA.

Photo by Rhema Kallianpur on Unsplash

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