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Finpeers aims to revolutionize private equity investments

Finpeers, a fintech company based in Lugano, Switzerland, founded by the Norwegian serial entrepreneur Sander Andersen, is working to revolutionize private equity investments by providing access to smaller investors through tokenization. The company has recently raised $330k with several well-known Norwegian investors like Morten Klein, Kristian Lundkvist, Ketil Skorstad, and Andreas Bjarøy. Finpeers’ mission is to build a digital investment community powered by tokens, that allows smaller investors to access the same investments that have previously been available only to larger investors.

With the launch of Finpeers, investors have unprecedented levels of access to private equity investments, allowing them to diversify their portfolios and take advantage of opportunities in private equity.

With tokenization Finpeers provides access to smaller investors in private equity investments. It allows investors to buy tokens that represent ownership, in for example a company or fund which drastically reduces the amount threshold to be part of attractive private equity deals. Tokenization also reduces the costs and complexity of owning and trading, making it easier for smaller investors to invest in private equity.

It’s not just about getting access to opportunities in the private market, but mostly access to professional managers with a long history that can manage your money without having to pay extreme fees to get access. Work is now underway to develop an investment committee that will help to develop the investment strategy for 2023.

Lugano, Switzerland, was chosen as the company’s headquarters due to the regulatory environment, with a rich history of financial services and a place that takes blockchain and crypto seriously. The Plan B initiative makes it possible to pay taxes with cryptocurrency and a 100 million Swiss franc fund supported by Tether, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrencies, and a 2,000 sqm blockchain hub in the city center, will be established.

Photo by Antonio Sessa on Unsplash

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