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Assetera, the first EU-regulated trading platform for digital securities and digital assets, licensed and supervised by the Austrian FMA, is delighted to announce a partnership with French SaaS platform Talium Assets, one of the very first all-asset tokenization solutions. With this partnership, Assetera will become a liquidity venue for Revenue-Based Financing Tokens (RBF) and Security Tokens issued by Talium Assets’ clients.

“Assetera seeks to attract wide diverse categories of investors on its regulated trading platform by providing a range of financial instruments including: securities, money market instruments, funds, derivatives, CFDs and certificates to new evolving and growing asset classes like RBF. Talium Assets tokenizes all kinds of structured securities including RBF and is the only tokenization platform that comprehensively handles all related RBF processes. We are very excited about the upcoming RBF-listings on the Assetera platform.” – Thomas Labenbacher, Founder & CEO, Assetera.

100% adaptive by design, Talium Assets enables tokenized projects to remain compliant with any regulatory and contractual obligations, select any blockchain among 300+ and change at will, have a tailored user experience, and before all: model the best suited classes and subclasses of financing instruments, like Revenue-Based Financing.

RBF is indeed increasingly popular as it is non-dilutive and provides a more flexible repayment structure than traditional loans. Instead of being paid back with interest on a time schedule, it is repaid by a percentage of future sales. RBF can thus be a great option for both the business and the investors when the former has a high potential for future revenue.

“With the experience of many tokenized fundraises, we know first-hand that providing a technically advanced platform is just one piece of the puzzle: a secondary market venue which is regulated is of vital importance to attract professional investors. Assetera is a liquidity venue on the one hand and regulated for digital asset securities on the other hand. This partnership we’re launching is an awesome opportunity and we are thrilled.” – François de Chezelles, co-founder & CEO, Talium.

About Assetera

Assetera is the first regulated trading platform in the EU for digital securities and digital assets, targeting institutional and retail investors. Assetera is licensed and supervised by the Austrian FMA, making Assetera your trustworthy partner in the new area of asset tokenization, primary market and secondary market trading, management and custody. Assetera’s vision is to build the Capital Market 2.0 – the preferred regulated hub for blockchain based financial instruments by bringing communities together and empowering them with financial innovations.

About Talium

Talium is a 10-year French specialist in digital transformation and systems integration projects for enterprises of all sizes. Leveraging its blockchain expertise grown over the last 7 years, it has been developing since 2018 the high-grade SaaS solution Talium Assets. Used over a dozen countries, Talium Assets creates Digital Assets marketplaces with unique capabilities and best-in-class adaptability. It seeks to become the white-label tokenization platform preferred by most intermediaries entering the Capital Market 2.0.

Photo by Boudewijn Boer on Unsplash

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