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Brinc announces partnership with Fusang, Asia’s first fully regulated digital asset exchange

Brinc, a leading global venture accelerator founded on a sustainability mandate, announces its partnership with Fusang Corp, owner and operator of Asia’s first fully licenced and regulated digital exchange for security tokens and assets, to make startup investment more inclusive by leveraging blockchain technology and unlocking the use of a regulated digital asset exchange, wholly owned by Fusang Corp, namely Fusang Digital Asset Exchange.

Fusang will join as a new program partner under ZK Advancer (formerly Launchpad Luna), the virtual accelerator established in mid-2021 as a partnership between Brinc and Animoca Brands, the company advancing digital property rights for gaming and the metaverse. As part of this partnership, Brinc will become a shareholder in Fusang Corp.

Fusang, in turn, will provide advisory services to ZK Advancer startups, commencing with the upcoming cohort. All participating startups will have access to educational sessions from Fusang on the process of security tokenization, as well as navigating the path to private or public listing on a digital exchange.

Additional private sessions will also be available for startups seeking to tokenize their equity and list on Fusang Digital Asset Exchange. This offering provides the ability for startups from the ZK Advancer cohort to issue security tokens directly representing their underlying equity without any upfront fees nor the need to create a separate corporate entity.

In addition, Fusang’s affiliated company Portcullis — one of Asia’s largest company management and secretarial services firms — may also act as a key facilitator in assisting startups by offering access to corporate management counsel and strategic advisory services, if needed.

Manav Gupta, founder and CEO of Brinc, said “Brinc’s partnership with Fusang will enhance tokenization and fractionalization, markedly improving inclusivity in asset investment by lowering the bar for ownership, while improving transparency and reducing administrative costs and the chance of human error. Tokenization enables users to keep important records, and can provide people with access to what is forecast to become a US$16.1 trillion market by 2030. Without having to worry about capital or proof of ownership – with zero knowledge proofs improving security and privacy – companies, meanwhile, will be able to focus on their business and ESG goals and reporting, which will similarly be enhanced when on chain.”

Henry Chong, CEO of Fusang, said: “We are excited to partner with Brinc in support of ZK Advancer and to have them onboard as a shareholder in Fusang Corp. This truly evidences our shared belief that startups, by their very nature, are the best issuers on a digitally native exchange. Through this partnership, Brinc and Fusang — both technology disruptors — will evolve into capital market disruptors; disintermediating traditional capital market processes, towards creating a more inclusive and equitable system for all. And as a fully licensed and regulated entity, Fusang Digital Asset Exchange provides for a safe and reliable listing venue”

About Brinc

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Brinc is a leader in global venture acceleration, operating 18 multidisciplinary accelerator programs in seven countries. Brinc accelerates startups focused on Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, connected hardware, drones, robotics, clean energy and food technology, all within a sustainability mandate.

Brinc has a portfolio of 200+ companies with founders from more than 38 countries. Brinc also supports corporations with investment services, distributed innovation strategies, sourcing of new startups and technologies, as well as venture-building Web3-enabled businesses. Global corporations (Manulife, Huawei, Schneider Electric, Puma, Batelco, Merck, Omantel, Linrun Group, Zhihui Park), government organisations (Hong Kong Science Park, NEOM, MBRIF, Guangdong Soft-tech Park), tertiary institutions (HK City University, National University of Singapore) and leading venture funds (Artesian, LeverVC, Tamkeen, EDB) have all run programs with Brinc. In 2021, Brinc launched a series of venture funds to invest in high-potential early-stage companies through accelerators and provide LPs with a dedicated innovation platform and access to Series A+ co-investment opportunities.

About Fusang

Fusang is Asia’s first fully licensed and regulated digital financial ecosystem for security tokens and assets. Our unique combination of regulatory licences, technology, and services allows us to provide an end-to-end platform to issue, tokenise, list, and trade all forms of securities, assets and cryptocurrencies. Licensed in two jurisdictions (Hong Kong and Labuan, Malaysia), Fusang operates a fully licensed and regulated digital ecosystem which includes Fusang Exchange, Asia’s first regulated digital asset exchange for security tokens.

Fusang Digital Asset Exchange is licensed to be a public listing venue for initial public offerings and acts as its market front line regulator. Institutional and retail investors can directly invest in products on the Exchange without brokers or other intermediary firms. Team Fusang, located across five Asian cities, shares a vision of making it as easy to invest into a company as it is to buy its products online.

About ZK Advancer

Brinc and Animoca Brands launched the ZK Advancer (formerly Launchpad Luna) accelerator in mid-2021 to identify, mentor, and invest in promising blockchain and non-fungible token (NFT) startups that are shaping the future of the Internet and driving digitalisation. ZK Advancer collaborates with world-leading platforms, brands and experts to identify and foster Web3, blockchain and NFT innovation in the fields of culture, art, entertainment, media, gaming, streaming, collectibles, insurance, finance, data management and DeFi. Admission to the program prioritises climate-conscious projects that drive digitalisation, and accepted entrants receive training in optimising a blockchain business to minimise energy use and carbon emissions.

Photo by Christoph Burgdorfer on Unsplash

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