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RealT Continues to Innovate with a Focus on Web3 Mass Adoption for Tokenized Real Estate

RealToken Technologies Inc. (RealT), today announced the launch of Walletless, a feature that allows investors to participate in the new realm of tokenization of assets without a Crypto-Wallet. RealToken’s Walletless is now available for investment by both individuals and business entities under Regulation D and Regulation S. The RealT platform will soon be available to US self-directed IRAs (individual retirement accounts). 

“This new system changes the way token holders will process their transactions, making it easier for everyone to own real estate,” said Remy Jacobson, RealT’s co-CEO. “Imagine how the investing landscape will change due to our innovative solution which combines the power of the blockchain with the simplicity of the traditional web, all made possible thanks to Walletless. Today, with RealT, you can create your own real estate portfolio at your own pace and discover this universe of decentralized finance.”

Real Estate Ownership Reinvented

Walletless was designed to address the reality that users never actually own their crypto assets when they use a centralized platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies. To keep ownership of their assets, users could create a personal non-custodial wallet, however this type of system adds risks such as a loss of a password and is for advanced users. RealT’s Walletless solution is, according to Jacobson, “a big breakthrough” when it comes to the blockchain.

RealT continues to innovate in the world of decentralized finance and Web3. From its launch in 2019, RealT broke the barriers of accessibility by creating a platform to allow for the co-ownership of real estate for $50 powered by the blockchain. Since the inception of Web3, the crypto-wallet has added a barrier to entry for many investors. RealT has once again, broken through with its innovation of Walletless

“RealT was convinced that the use of blockchain would follow the same as other prior innovations. We can give you two examples with emails and the web,” Jacobson said. “Today, sending and receiving an email is not difficult for you, and you do not know that this service is based on the SMTP computer protocol. Today, you don’t ask yourself any questions about how to navigate on the web, and we are convinced that few people know that behind the web is hidden the HTTP protocol. Today, buying a RealToken becomes as easy as sending an email thanks to Walletless! Tomorrow, users will buy RealTokens without noticing that the underlying technology is blockchain. With Walletless, in two clicks, you can buy your first RealToken and start collecting your distributions every week.”

About RealToken Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2019 by brothers Jean-Marc Jacobson and Remy Jacobson, RealToken Technologies Inc. (RealT) has revolutionized the real estate market by becoming the first company to bring tokenized real estate to the blockchain with regular and frequent distributions.

Photo by Jimmy Conover on Unsplash

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