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Akemona Expands Its Regulations-Compliant Tokenization Platform for Real Estate Offerings

Akemona Inc., an SEC-registered, FINRA-member funding portal and asset tokenization platform announced collaboration agreements with AARE, one of the nation’s fastest-growing faith-based residential and commercial real estate agencies and Paradyme Investments, a real estate private equity firm, which offers highly vetted and diverse real estate investment opportunities. This collaboration will allow AARE and Paradyme to raise funds from investors using blockchain technology.

AARE provides a variety of real estate services including residential, commercial, property management, syndication, financing, and business opportunities. Andrew Arroyo, CEO of AARE said, “Our collaboration with Akemona is truly a godsend. This will allow us to offer significant investment opportunities nationwide to our clients through Akemona’s cutting-edge technology which in turn gives our investors full flexibility with their investment options. This is a game changer for our business.”

Paradyme is a vertically integrated Venture Capital and Real Estate Investment Firm. “A state-of-the-art crowdfunding platform, investment management software, and a Family Office Networking strategy make up the foundation of our business model,” said Ryan Garland, CEO of Paradyme. Paradyme uses its proprietary business strategy and software to successfully syndicate debt and equity for real estate developments. Paradyme focuses on two aspects. First, to close the gap of the housing crisis/demand with affordable single family and multifamily assets. Secondly, add value to the local economy with lifestyle-centric developments that organically bring together the residents of a community for recreation, sporting, entertainment and more. Paradyme believes in, utilizes, and caters to health and wellness, ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), and technology in all aspects of the business and developments. Ryan added, “We named the company Paradyme due to our ability to mold to the consistent shift of real estate investing trends through innovation and our belief in creating access – everyone should be able to invest in ideas that could become the great opportunities of tomorrow. Crypto technology and tokenization are the new paradigm shift to investing and now, just like the past 17 years, Paradyme is shifting to adopt these new technologies.”

Offerings by AARE and Paradyme Investments on the Akemona platform will be open to accredited and non-accredited investors under exemptions allowed by the SEC. Welcoming this news, Brady Matthews, Chief Technology Officer of Akemona, said, “Akemona has enhanced its software-as-a-service (SaaS) tokenization platform to manage the life cycle of debt and equity security tokens issued under all the exemptions allowed by the SEC. In addition, the platform allows investment companies to create tokenized investment funds.” Ravi Srivastava, Founding Partner of Akemona, added that unlike cryptocurrencies, security tokens are an investment contract between a company and its investors. Akemona has built a complete regulatory-compliant SaaS ecosystem to provide pre-issuance, issuance and post-issuance technology services to companies who want to offer and sell debt or equity security tokens to investors. Depending on the regulation, offerings can be hosted on Akemona or on the issuer’s website.

Blockchain-based digital securities offer direct ownership of the tokens purchased, transparency of transactions, and ability to trade directly with interested buyers. Businesses take advantage of digital stocks and bonds to increase efficiency of issuance, exchange, and settlement. These efficiencies lower the cost of raising capital.

Akemona’s tokenization platform simplifies raising capital by issuing blockchain tokens as digital securities. The platform guides a business issuer to create an offering of digital securities and automatically produces the documents required for regulatory filings. Based on the terms of the offering, the platform auto-generates smart contracts for issuance of blockchain tokens. Investors review the offering and if interested, they make an investment by purchasing blockchain tokens. Investor funds are held in escrow until the subscription is closed. Upon close, funds are released to the business issuer and investors receive digital securities. The business issuer is contractually obligated to investors to meet the terms of the offering.

Photo by Paul Hanaoka on Unsplash

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