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Earlier this year, Bitbond released Token Tool which enables Web3 powered asset tokenization. Token Tool just added a new crowdsale feature. The feature makes conducting a token sale and raising funds via token offerings accessible without the need to write own smart contracts. 

Issuers can create & run token sales such as IDOs, ICOs and STOs, set token prices, sale duration, restrict investment to whitelisted investors and define many other parameters

Additionally, token sale issuers can lock their founder tokens via a token locker feature. Founder or team tokens can stay locked until a predefined date. This can be valuable to further improve the project owner’s credibility to third parties via immutable smart contracts that lock the tokens for a certain amount of time. 

Token Tool covers several options to configure utility and security tokens in a granular way. This includes parameters such as whitelisting investors and adding an asset documentation reference. This allows issuers to maintain compliance when required, allowing organizations who are subject to regulatory requirements in leveraging the advantages of tokenization. 

Token Tool supports a rich set of sophisticated custody solutions such as Metamas / Metamask Institutional, Fireblocks and Qredo. Moreover, Token Tool has recently been listed as a Gnosis Safe App. 

Token Tool by Bitbond is publicly accessible, users can easily create ERC20 tokens or NFTs on the widely adopted blockchains Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon and BNB Chain. 

About Bitbond 

Bitbond is a Berlin, Germany based financial technology company with a focus on asset tokenization and digital assets. Bitbond conducted the first Security Token Offering (STO) in Germany with a securities prospectus approved by BaFin in 2019. Bitbond works mainly with banks and other financial intermediaries in the areas of tokenization and custody of digital assets based on blockchain technology. 

Photo by Lars Kuczynski on Unsplash

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