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CoinRegTech, a leading provider of regulatory technology to the digital asset and virtual currency marketplace, just announced a strategic investment from BroadPeak Partners, a global leader in low-code data management with a focus on regulatory reporting for financial markets, by exclusively licensing its K3 System to CoinRegTech for twenty years. This license will expand the regulatory compliance services delivered by CoinRegTech to the digital asset and cryptocurrency markets.

CoinRegTech’s platform is designed to meet applicable regulations and support the compliance needs of market participants. CoinRegTech has a comprehensive understanding of digital assets, securities and commodities markets, and is a leader in helping central providers of digital assets comply with securities and commodities regulations.

“Unprecedented changes are happening in digital asset markets that will usher in a new era of investor protection as well as open a new chapter in the $612 trillion financial market,” said Bruce Tupper, CoinRegTech Founder and President. “CoinRegTech is uniquely positioned to support the compliance obligations of service providers and participants in this novel marketplace.”

“As a registered Alternative Trading System for digital asset securities, we have comprehensive reporting duties into the FINRA Repositories. CoinRegTech and the K3 System provide us with a best-of-class reporting solution,” said Pat LaVecchia, CEO of Oasis Pro Markets.

The ​​K3 System provides data preparation and system integration with no special coding skills to support regulatory flows. Its trading solutions include regulatory reporting, global position limits, exchange connectivity, and trade surveillance.

“Few have developed a better understanding of where regulations over digital assets are going than CoinRegTech. We are now marrying that expertise with the world-leading technology of the K3 System. A suite of regulatory products is ready to support the compliance needs of customers in the digital asset markets,” said Gordon Allott, BroadPeak Partners Founder and CEO.

The President’s Executive Order calls upon Agencies to broadly review the risks associated with digital assets and cryptocurrencies. U.S. and international regulators continue to expand their oversight and enforcement of smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and stablecoins. The SEC and CFTC have stepped up enforcement actions, and the SEC recently proposed a rulemaking that would bring messaging protocols under their oversight. During the next two years, the landscape will likely look entirely different and central providers who have a well-developed regulatory strategy will be market leaders.

About CoinRegTech

CoinRegTech is a regulatory technology for digital assets and virtual currency. Founded by Tupper along with an experienced team including Virginia Persons (CFO and Co-Founder) and Patrick McCarty (Senior Policy Advisor and former CFTC General Counsel). Luis Aguilar (Former SEC Commissioner 2008-2015) will be joined by Gordon Allott (Founder and CEO of BroadPeak Partners) on the Advisory Board. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office issued a patent (No. 8,005,743 Tupper et al.) for the confirmation system and methods established by Mr. Tupper. CoinRegTech operates independently from execution platforms, custodians, and market participants.

About BroadPeak Partners

BroadPeak Partners is a global leader in low-code data management and the developer of the K3 System. This system provides a visual ETL data preparation, integration and orchestration platform, without client-side code. The platform is intuitive and requires no special coding skills to craft powerful data flows to and from files, applications, databases, or data warehouses.

Photo by Brad Huchteman on Unsplash

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