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TECHFUND has established its third footprint by establishing a basis in Europe to accelerate security token-related startups

Today, we are pleased to announce TECHFUND has established its third hub by establishing a basis in the European market. Until today, TECHFUND has been a major player in accelerating blockchain technology and token-related startups mainly in Japan and Singapore.Starting this summer, they will enforce their support for fundraising in Europe partnering with Mr. Sven von Bismarck as “Member of the Advisory Board for Investor Relationships“.

Our services in Europe

We will provide comprehensive support as an arranger and accelerating partner through the whole process of fundraising through Security Token Offerings (STO) such as structuring STO scheme, creating equity story, pitch decks, investor marketing to token buyers and closing the deal.

What is a STO?

An STO is an asset-backed security token. An investor is issued with a crypto coin or token representing their investment. A security token represents an investment contract into an underlying investment asset, such as stocks, bonds, funds and real estate investment trusts (REIT).

New Member of the ”Advisory Board at TECHFUND Europe”.

Sven von Bismarck will be appointed as a Member of the Advisory Board in TECHFUND Europe. Mr von Bismarck is an entrepreneur and results-oriented executive with 20+ years of international experience in corporate leadership as well as private equity and real estate investment management. He is an investment expert with proven success in managing full investment cycle from origination, analysis, execution, to portfolio management and exit, leading successful deal negotiations, and providing insight to critical aspects of investments. He was regulated for more than 7 years as an investment advisor under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom. With his wealth of experience and his network, Mr. von Bismarck will support TECHFUND in its planned growth in Europe.

TECHFUND performances

Since TECHFUND establishment in 2014, we have helped numerous startups breakthrough. Especially in recent years, we have put our focus on supporting token-related startups product development and fundraising support including acceleration programs for ICO/STO startups in Singapore. We have mentored 150+ ICO/STO fundraisings.

Our service will not be limited to fundraising support but also a very comprehensive support including web3 and DAO related Token economy infrastructure design and construction services, audit of blockchain and token project, development of Dapps and wallet.

For example, TECHFUND takes a part in security audit of various blockchain related services such as QURAS the privacy-protective blockchain, JPYC a pioneer of the JPY stable coin, crypto-asset trading system, wallet, and token. These are the examples of more to come in the future.

Why Europe?

TECHFUND has been actively expanding its presence within Asia. Starting out in Tokyo, we have established our second office in Singapore, an intense market for token buyers/projects. This year, we are proud to announce that we will establish a third base in Europe in order to create a foothold to reinforce accessibility and relation building into the blooming market of the token economy such as Germany, UK,Switzerland and Dubai.

Europe has attracted various token players due to progressive approach, beginning with CryptoValley in Switzerland, e-government in Estonia and welcoming regulation within each country.

In fact, according to PlutNeo and Tangany’s (the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management and digital custody provider) research, STOs in Europe are developing very quickly over the past 3 years. Europe is considered to grow rapidly with the total market volume of more than €918 billion by 2026.


TECHFUND is a startup accelerator where we have helped numerous startups breakthrough since 2014. Until today, TECHFUND has mentored 150+ ICO/STO fundraisers. Especially in recent years, we have put our focus our support in token-related startups product development and fundraising support including acceleration programs for ICO/STO startups in Singapore. TECHFUND was established in 2014 in Tokyo Japan, currently represented in Tokyo, Japan,Singapore and Hamburg Germany.

Photo by Christian Holzinger on Unsplash

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