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Adrix Enters Web 3.0 with Launch of AllStars Digital Ecosystem

Adrix, a global leader in developing benchmarked indices based on the performance of individuals, has launched AllStars Digital (ASD), an innovative new ecosystem – that will tokenize and support the trading of a wide range of sports-based alternative assets, such as player-based digital assets.

Adrix is a data analytics firm that develops benchmarking indices, using proprietary AI, algorithms and mathematical evaluation to give a measurable value to the performance of individuals and provide investors, businesses, and fans with new trading, insight and investment products. Examples of its offerings include CFDs, fantasy league pool betting, sports data analytics, and digital asset trading.

The launch of the ASD ecosystem was incubated with GDA Capital, a vertically integrated financial services firm that helps bridge the gaps between innovative blockchain and cryptocurrency projects and institutional finance players, as well as with several other strategic partners, investors and advisors.

According to Youssef Mechahouri, the CEO of AllStars Digital: “The launch of AllStars Digital is a significant step forward for the tokenization of alternative assets. It is perfectly positioned to combine real-time player data and sports asset tokenization to create new, exciting, and fun blockchain-based investment opportunities and entertainment for people all around the world. The new ASD ecosystem gives participants access to all AllStars products including AllStars Trader (CFDs) and AllStars Play, a first-of-its-kind real-time sports performance scoring and weighting system, targeting the thriving, multi-billion-dollar fantasy sports market in the Indian subcontinent.”

Marc Aspinall, the Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer of Adrix, shared similar sentiments saying: “AllStars Digital is the perfect example of user-focused utility meeting blockchain-based transparency and efficiency. AllStars Trader already supports daily trade and perpetual futures for 4,000+ players on the AllStars platform, primarily footballers and cricketers, but many other sports and players are in development. At Adrix, with our deep expertise in data benchmarking, tokenization, and the financial markets, we are excited about the launch of this new initiative and look forward to leveraging our expertise, networks, and partnerships to bring safe, secure, and open sports-based tokenization and asset trading to new and growing markets.”

The Allstars Trader platform went live in December 2021 and through the launch phase, it has already seen US$370m (volume) of trades, with agreements signed with leading global brokers which would take the monthly volumes to over US$1bn.

The AllStars Digital team consists of experts in equity derivatives and trading strategies who have extensive, hands-on industry experience at leading multinational banks, financial institutions, and hedge funds. The team also features algorithmic trading developers and global securities brokers from some of Europe’s top universities, including Oxford University and Ecole Polytechnique in France.

The project’s advisors consist of top professionals in the traditional and disruptive technology industries, including Christian Angermayer, a European partner of Peter Thiel. Mr Angermayer is a recognized entrepreneur and investor and is the founder of Apeiron Investment Group, a global investor in disruptive technologies.

About AllStars Digital

AllStars Digital is the world’s first platform for the tokenization of sports stars and sports-based alternative assets. The platform bridges between centralized and decentralized markets and gives traders and sports fans access to liquid and accessible new digital assets, which are then priced using the same rigorous processes associated with traditional financial products, thereby providing safe, secure, and optimized trading and exciting new opportunities with a focus on the sports industry.

About Adrix

Adrix is the global leader in analyzing human performance to produce benchmarked indices, which can then be used to place a value on individual success. Founded as a data analysis firm, Adrix uses financial market data and asset rankings to give a measurable value to the performance of individuals. Combining data analytics with proprietary AI and regulation, Adrix analyzes the digital footprints of sports stars, business people, and celebrities, creates real-time people-based alternative assets, and helps its blockchain partners operate in both regulated and unregulated sectors.

About GDA Capital

GDA Capital is a global organization that invests in disruptive technology and provides vertically-integrated financial technology services to institutional investors and companies. It is the trusted advisor that bridges the gap between institutional capital markets and disruptive technologies.

Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

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