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Stobox releases a DS Dashboard for a 5-Star Eco Resort in Southwest France, helping it become fully tokenized

Stobox, a turn-key tokenization provider, releases a Digital Securities Dashboard for an exclusive eco resort in a wonderful location in Southwest France called Willows Retreat MDQ, another Stoneguard Group project.

Stoneguard Group is a British company with a rich and evolving history dating back to 1966. Stoneguard’s name has been synonymous with quality and craftsmanship in the fields of restoration and conservation working on many prestigious projects including Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, The Bank of England, The London Underground, and many more.

Willows Retreat MDQ is a bespoke designed lifestyle living 5-star Eco Resort, with 34 Luxury Eco Holiday Villas situated on 18-acres of meadow with an Edible Orchard & Organic Vegetable Garden, sited in a prime holiday region located in Southwestern France called Montaigue de Quercy.

With the help of DS Dashboard, the initiative will be offering convertible debt for its investors, thanks to which, the latter will be receiving a guaranteed income. Additionally, in 3 years, the investors will be able to convert debt tokens into equity or get the money back in case they won’t be satisfied with the performance.

“We have recognized that Security Token offering is a superior method of capital raising that opens SGG projects for more diverse investors, allows saying “Yes” to more business opportunities and improves net margins. We are very happy to collaborate with Stobox in the execution of our tokenization campaigns. More so, we look forward to you joining our journey and becoming a co-owner, let us enjoy the benefits together. The First **one thousand Investors will receive a free one-week stay for you and your family at the Retreat in either The Willow or The Waterlily (**min investment € 2,500 includes Family of 8)”Michael Hinman | Group Chairman & Founder

About Stobox

Stobox is an award-winning tokenization provider that is one of the few in the world to deliver a decentralized trading protocol for digital securities. Its native tokenization platform, Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard, allows completing a technical setup in up to 4 weeks while also bringing a scope of other benefits like accessing investors globally and enabling the shares trading.

Image by Ferdinand Stöhr on Unsplash

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