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Portfolioalpha and neoFin Hamburg take tokenized assets to the institutional financial market

Tokenised capital market issues are increasingly becoming a serious financing vehicle for SMEs. However, there is still a need for information in the institutional sector. A situation that Portfolioalpha Consulting GmbH and neoFIN Hamburg GmbH want to change: The two Hamburg-based companies have agreed to cooperate.

Portfolioalpha’s clientele includes private banks, co-operative banks and savings banks as well as a number of family offices and fund managers. In addition, there are other institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds, churches, foundations, health insurance companies, professional associations and municipalities. “Many institutional investors are not yet aware of the gigantic potential of tokenised securities as an asset class,” says Stefan Maiwald, managing partner of Portfolioalpha. “We want to change that together and make them increasingly aware of the topic.”

Another focus of the cooperation is on working with banks and savings banks. “Only very few banks are currently already in a position to offer tokenised capital market issues to their customers,” says Patrick Schütze, founder and CEO of neoFIN Hamburg GmbH. “One reason is the complex set-up of the corresponding infrastructure, another one the lack of specialist knowledge in the area of blockchain.”

Tokenised capital market issues offer a number of advantages for both issuers and investors. These include cost savings of between 30 and 65 per cent compared to traditional securitisation, as well as end-to-end fungibility for alternative, previously illiquid asset classes. 

“Together with neoFIN, we offer banks and savings banks the opportunity to meet two customer needs at the same time: they can provide corporate clients with cost-efficient issues of tokenised securities and investors with fungible investments in alternative asset classes,” says Stefan Maiwald. “Through our cooperations, we offer them uncomplicated and legally secure access to a new, future-oriented extension of their business model.”

About neoFIN 

neoFIN Hamburg GmbH supports capital-seeking companies in issuing tokenised securities/security token offerings (STO). Through its own platform, the FinTech offers complete support from the planning phase through the term of the public offering to the successful completion of the capital market project. As a one-stop shop, neoFIN covers all legal, technical and sales components KYC and AML compliant from a single source. 

About Portfolioalpha 

Portfolioalpha is an independent and owner-managed company and an expert in capital market brokerage. As a reliable partner, they attach great importance to personal and long-term support for their clients and are available with their sound experience and market assessment.

Image by Moritz Kindler on Unsplash

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