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Nature’s Vault Launches Novel Blockchain-Powered Platform to Monetize In-Ground Mineral Assets

Nature’s Vault, a GreenTech platform designed to accelerate the funding of impact investments combating climate change and ecosystem damage, today announced its seed funding round, Board and Advisors, and an expected first tokenization project to monetize the preservation of in-ground gold deposits avoiding the environmental impact of physical mining.

“Building a first-of-its kind platform that allows anyone to fund impact investing projects around the world is a legacy everyone at Nature’s Vault is proud to be part of,” said Founder and CEO Phil Rickard.  “We are bringing our breakthrough approach to tokenizing ESG projects and Natural Capital assets to help mitigate climate change in a transparent manner via distributed ledger technology and a platform that can be replicated and scaled up for future growth.”

Nature’s Vault is creating a platform built on the blockchain to tokenize projects focused on preserving Natural Capital – the planet’s natural resources.  Its initial project avoids the environmental impact and carbon emissions related to gold mining by utilising tokenization to monetize the value of in-ground gold deposits by preserving quantified proven gold reserves in a secured mine.  The world’s first zero carbon gold preservation linked investment.

Its “Legacy Token”, expected to launch in the first half of 2022, will unlock the value of gold assets, without the negative environmental impact associated with mining in some of the world’s most pristine locations.  The Legacy Token is designed to achieve a net-zero future and to ensure that fractional asset ownership is transparent and irrefutable by recording all transactions on a secure blockchain.

Secures Seed Funding From CDI

Nature’s Vault also announced that it has secured seed funding from a consortium of international technology investors led by CDI, an Asian-based biometrics and data-analytics platform provider, with serial entrepreneur Irawan Mulyadi joining as an independent director. 

“Nature’s Vault has a proven leadership that combines FinTech and natural resources prowess to offer all investors a platform that leverages the power of digital assets to mitigate climate change, preserve biodiversity, and invest back into the local communities affected,” said Mr. Mulyadi. 

Experienced Team Leadership

Building Nature’s Vault is a global, highly experienced team of entrepreneurs, investors, and executives across ESG, mining, FinTech, and finance including: 

●       Phil Rickard, CEO and Founder.  Phil is a global entrepreneur who has founded and developed enterprises focused on natural resources, renewable energy, FinTech, and artificial intelligence. He was CEO and owner of one of the largest mobile payment companies in Southeast Asia and was founder and executive vice president of the NASDAQ-listed ActiveIQ Technologies. Phil also was chairman and CEO of a Singapore Exchange-listed energy company and founding president of the Singapore Stock Exchange Association. 

●       Michael Harrison, Chairman.  Michael is an entrepreneur and investor who has built resource, energy, and biotech companies around the world focusing on a sustainable future. He has 35 years of investment banking experience and has served as CEO of two Indonesian mining companies that developed major resources, resulting in successful exits totalling more than $1 billion.

●       Paul Matysek, Director.  Paul is one of Canada’s leading natural resources developers, with a recent focus on metals that are essential to a sustainable future through the greater utilization of electric battery storage. A serial entrepreneur, geochemist and geologist with over 40 years of experience in the mining industry, Paul has focused on the exploration, development and sale of five public companies, in aggregate worth of almost $3 billion. He was awarded EY Entrepreneur of the Year for Mining & Resources in 2018.

●       Dr. John Wiebe, Director.  John is an early leader in business and sustainability, bringing business and government together to ensure the health of the planet through economic development. He established the GLOBE Foundation in 1993 and was recognized in 2011 as one of Canada’s Clean16, one of 16 individuals who have done the most to advance sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada.  

●       Irawan Mulyadi, Director.   Irawan is a serial IT entrepreneur with extensive experience in the strategic use of information technology in a diverse range of areas, including payment systems, social media, e-commerce, eHealth and mobile applications. Irawan’s international experience includes a broad range of assignments from analysis to implementation.

  • Willie Chang, FinTech Advisor.  Willie is the CEO of Hg Exchange, a private exchange formed by an alliance of leading financial intermediaries, individually licensed and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. He has 20 years of experience spanning FinTech, investment banking, and management consulting.

●       Jason Wagner, Senior Advisor.  Jason has 30 years international experience in financial services, strategy consulting and senior executive talent. He is advising on Web 3.0/Blockchain technologies, talent, and corporate development.

About Nature’s Vault

Nature’s Vault LLC is developing a GreenTech platform to accelerate the funding of impact investments aimed at combating climate change and ecosystem damage. Launched in 2022, Nature’s Vault expects to be the one of the first to create a blockchain powered platform to tokenize projects focused on preserving natural capital – the planet’s natural resources.  The Company’s first project involves avoiding the environmental impact and carbon emissions related to gold mining while utilising tokenization to preserve the value of in-ground gold deposits. Nature’s Vault has operations and a presence in North America and Asia. 

Image by Marta Bednarska on Unsplash

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