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Orderbook, a decentralized trading platform for tokenized shares, lists Patreon, allowing users to invest as little as $7.

Orderbook platform lists tokenized shares of Patreon, one of the biggest digital spaces for creators worldwide. Orderbook is a blockchain investment platform for digital stocks that was created by Ambisafe, a world-known blockchain technology company that pioneered stock tokenization. 

At the moment, Orderbook provides access to tokenized stocks of multiple global companies in the Pre-IPO and Growth stages, including such well-known projects as SpaceX, Klarna, and InVision. This way, the platform democratizes access to the private equity market and provides retail investors with access to stocks that were previously only available to large institutional investors. 

Patreon is the most recent addition to the Orderbook platform offerings.

Patreon is a membership platform that provides creators from all over the world with the necessary tools to run a subscription and get paid. It has already connected over 250,000 creators with their fans and keeps growing.

Patreon hasn’t gone public yet, even though they have already conducted several closed rounds and raised over $250 million.

However, retail investors can now get access to Patreon shares on Orderbook. They can trade tokenized stocks, digital assets that are backed by the actual shares of Patreon with a 1:1 ratio. When buying such assets, users receive tokens that represent a derivative collateralized by a share of the underlying stock.

Tokenized shares offer users several core benefits:

  • The possibility to invest funds in stocks that are not publicly traded yet.
  • No traditional middlemen. 
  • No minimum order limit and very low fees compared to the traditional stock market.

Right now, the Orderbook platform is the only place to trade Patreon tokenized stocks, and the number of tokens is limited.

Orderbook offerings are subject to regulatory restrictions and not available for the residents of the United States, Japan, Singapore, and certain other countries. 

Image by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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