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NextPlay Technologies’ Longroot selected by Ample Health to lead Security Token Offering

NextPlay Technologies, Inc., a digital business ecosystem for digital advertisers, consumers, video gamers and travelers, reported that its licensed Longroot digital token offering platform will serve as the financial advisor and underwriter for Ample Health’s (‘Ample’) proposed security token offering (STO). 

Ample Health is an emerging cannabis company operating from seed to sale in Southeast Asia. The company is looking to use the proceeds from its STO to fund its development and global expansion.

Longroot will be responsible for structuring the offering and raising the initial capital to fund the STO. This will involve developing the registration statements for all relevant jurisdictions, including preliminary and final prospectuses. It intends to lead Ample through the entire regulatory approval process, and then assist in the pricing and launching the STO through the Longroot portal.

“This Ample Health STO represents a tremendous opportunity for us to represent a major client in the fast-growing global cannabis space,” commented Todd Bonner, director of Longroot (Thailand) Limited and chairman of NextPlay Technologies. “Once complete, we believe it will represent the first of many successful STOs for Longroot that we are currently advancing in our pipeline.”

Ample Health looks to take advantage of the global cannabis market which is projected to grow at a 32% compounded annual growth rate from $28.3 billion in 2021 to $197.74 billion by 2028, according to Fortune Business Insights.

Akira Wongwan, CEO and co-founder of Ample Health, commented: “We selected Longroot to lead our STO due to its experienced management and well-established presence in the digital offering marketplace, as well as its Thai federal government licensing and oversight. Together, we believe this will ensure a highly-successful STO and the launch of our global cannabis platform.”

The proposed offering targets to raise between USD $100-250 million. Longroot will receive a management and placement fee on the proceeds raised due immediately upon closing of the offering, which is expected to occur by the summer of 2022.

About Ample Health 

Ample Health is an emerging cannabis company operating from seed to sale in Southeast Asia. It is focused on bringing synergy between growers, extractors, retailers and regulators, to help them compete in the domestic and international cannabis market and creating a fair and sustainable industry for all.

About Longroot 

Authorized and regulated under global-leading Thai federal digital asset business law and licensed by the Securities & Exchange Commission of Thailand, Longroot (Thailand) Limited provides fully regulated and licensed digital asset financing and investment services for digital assets. Longroot is focused on creating regulated cryptocurrencies used in wholesale travel, real estate and hotels, gaming assets, insurance and digital advertising. As a Thailand-based corporation, Longroot is indirectly controlled by NextPlay Technologies.

About NextPlay Technologies 

NextPlay Technologies, Inc. is a technology solutions company offering games, in-game advertising, crypto-banking, connected TV and travel booking services to consumers and corporations within a growing worldwide digital ecosystem. NextPlay’s engaging products and services utilize innovative AdTech, Artificial Intelligence and Fintech solutions to leverage the strengths and channels of its existing and acquired technologies.

Image by Tim Foster on Unsplash

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