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Tōquidity Secures Seed Round Investment from Global Blockchain Ventures Fund

Tōquidity, a Tokenization as a Service company that unlocks liquidity for business and asset owners through digitization, announced Global Blockchain Ventures Fund, LP (GBV) has filled Tōquidity’s seed round of funding. GBV is a blockchain-focused fund, “Investing in disruptive and promising projects with the ability to offer actual, practical blockchain solutions to benefit the global economy.”

Tōquidity enables companies to leverage the benefits of tokenization by helping unlock liquidity through secure token offerings (STOs). Tōquidity Co-Founder Andrew Odenbach said, “99.9% of business owners are not aware that they can create liquidity by digitizing their asset and issuing a secure token to prospective investors. We are delighted that GBV sees the opportunity and is not only backing Tōquidity but providing access to their portfolio companies and network of relationships within the industry.”

Security tokens are regulated by the Securities law of 1933 and represent an ownership stake in a tangible asset, typically a company, and entitles its holder to a share of the profits in the asset. When the company profits, the token holder profits. Security token holders own something that can pay off through profits, distributions, asset appreciation and asset sales.

Tōquidity Co-Founder Lee Chojnacki said, “Tōquidity will use the capital for ongoing operations and to shore up the necessary tokenization platform and software licensing agreements to provide clients with a turn-key solution to manage the issuer dashboard, share cap table, automated trading compliance, payment of dividends, and KYC/AML/accreditation.”

Tōquidity is an industry agnostic service provider that represents a wide range of asset classes including real estate, private companies, hotels, resorts, energy projects, agriculture, sports teams, multi-family projects, investment funds and more. The company also enables real estate developers with an alternative and more flexible solution to structuring their capital stack for future projects.

David Metcalf, Managing Partner at Global Blockchain Ventures Fund stated, “The growth of the security tokens market is on pace to eclipse $2T US dollars by 2030. We believe in Tōquidity’s vision and ability to represent clients that will tokenize their assets over the coming months and years. It is tremendous opportunity for GBV to participate in their growth going forward.”


Tōquidity is a Tokenization as a Service company that unlocks liquidity for business and asset owners by digitizing their illiquid asset through the creation of security tokens. These tokens are securities backed by real assets and leverage blockchain technology to create fractional ownership that trade on secondary exchanges in real time. Business and asset owners can create liquidity for themselves while maintaining complete control of their company and assets.  

Tōquidity facilitates the entire process with our partners for these business and asset owners from the initial consultation, structuring the private placement memorandum (PPM), providing disclosure statements, tokenizing the asset, enabling blockchain technology, and ensuring the best secondary markets are selected for token trading.  

Tōquidity’s overarching goal is to bring owners not looking to sell their business or asset, but are looking for some percentage of liquidity, to buyers that would not otherwise be able to own a portion of the asset through a security token offering. 


GBV is a blockchain technology focused venture capital fund, specializing in blockchain enabled applications within synergistic technology platforms including Internet of Things, MedTech, and Artificial Intelligence.

GBV’s mission is to fund and support the most disruptive and promising projects with the ability to offer actual, practical blockchain enabled solutions to benefit the global economy.

Photo by Lance Asper on Unsplash

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