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Fabriik Supports Transmira’s New Omniscape XR Metaverse to Tokenize Real Estate

Fabriik has announced it has partnered with Transmira to launch the first XR Virtual Real Estate platform on Omniscape™, where real-world locations are tokenized and experienced through a blend of AR and VR. The partnership with Transmira provides an innovative use case to test out Fabriik’s token technology, (specifically its Token API and the Simple Fabriik Protocol) and creates an opportunity to leverage Fabriik’s digital wallet and integrate with its Exchange to trade tokens.  

Lior Cyngiser, Head of Strategic Partnerships, at Fabriik said, “The SFP provides an intuitive way for wallets to integrate with it to support tokens since it works with things that wallets already know, such as paymail. And by having this “authorizer” entity, it makes it possible to solve any number of business and regulatory issues.”

Robert Rice, Founder of Transmira, who spoke at the recent CoinGeek Zurich conference, created Omniscape™, an XR Metaverse* which aims to merge the real world and the digital world.  By tokenizing real estate in the virtual world, as well as virtual goods and a 3D NFT marketplace, the platform aims to create a unique experience where items collected in the digital world can be redeemed in the real world or other virtual worlds. 

Within the digital XR world, customers will be able to purchase Virtual Real Estate (VRE) tokens by buying location credits or Omni Tokens. These can then be spent within Omniscape to acquire virtual real estate locations.  Each location is tokenized and unique and is represented on the platform by a hexagon that is linked to a set of GPS coordinates. Omniscape will maintain a public registry (or ledger), built on BSV Blockchain, of all purchased locations, so anyone can look up a location and see who owns it. 

Robert Rice said, “Working with Fabriik has allowed us to start achieving the Omniscape™ ambition to tokenize everything within the XR Metaverse. They have been incredibly agile and responsive to our needs, and it has been a truly mutually beneficial partnership.”

He added: “BSV Blockchain is the only blockchain to meet our needs – it’s fast, it’s scalable, it’s stable, the cost is really low, and it offers all the other benefits of a blockchain such as trust and provenance. No other blockchain has the ability, right now, to handle the demanding needs of a true metaverse platform.” 

Lior Cyngiser, added: “I’m really excited about the work that we’re doing to support Transmira merge the worlds of AR and VR through tokenization.  We’re providing the tokenization platform (Simple Fabriik Protocol) to make this possible and are looking forward to future collaboration.” 

About The XR Metaverse 

The term “XR” coined by Robert Rice is a blend of Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, and blockchain to make an “Experiential Reality.” 

Metaverse” is when everything, everywhere is connected; everything from 3D spaces to AR, digital twins, and smart cities, but all with a connection back to the real world as opposed to existing only in a game world. Rice’s mission with Omniscape is to fuse these two concepts and build an “XR Metaverse.”

Fabriik is a Platinum sponsor of the CoinGeek Conference being held in New York from 5-7 Oct.  Roy Bernhard,  Chief Visionary & CEO, Fabriik will be speaking on the Future of Digital Assets and a Tokenized World.  Eric Bernhard – General Manager, Fabriik Digital Objects, will be joining the panel of Art, Design & User content for NFTs.

About Fabriik

Fabriik offers a full suite of Tokenization services for enterprises and application developers. This includes project creation and management, token creation and issuance, digital wallet, earning, and redemption services. The Simple Fabriik Protocol for Tokens was developed in direct response to developer requests to add tokens capability to their digital wallets. The Simple Fabriik Protocol is particularly useful for business use as it is flexible, scalable, and paymail-based, so it can be easily integrated into digital wallets.

About Transmira/Omniscape

Transmira is revolutionizing the way businesses operate and engage with its consumers by offering sophisticated and proprietary technology to unleash an endless array of possibilities. They make it easy for brands, businesses, and content creators to monetize metaverse technologies ranging from Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality 

Transmira goes beyond novelty experiences and simple games to excite and captivate consumers with amazing experiences that enhance brand prestige, extend brand reach, and multiple sales and transactions.

Photo by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash

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