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Cal-Bay Striving To Become A Leading NFT Stock Company Via Strategic Investments And Smart Partnerships As The NFT Market Continues to Grow

Cal-Bay International, Inc today announced the company is striving to become one of the leading NFT Stock companies by way of smart partnerships and strategic investments in the Digital Asset and NFT (Non-Fungible Token) Space.

Cal-Bay is in the process of acquiring high profile digital asset NFT’s to the company’s portfolio and will be announcing the inventory holdings of the digital assets early next week. The company is committed to becoming a leading NFT stock company for the following reasons:

The NFT market is in explosive growth mode and rapidly increasing in popularity for all genres.

The NFT popularity has rocketed in the last 12 months alongside an upward pricing and evaluations of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.….

The NFT market is developing rapidly with some digital collectables being sold for tens of millions of dollars.

In addition to Art and Media are growing in the gaming industries, including Digital Art, Collectible Art with huge opportunities for future growth in Real Estate and Automobile industries, and many other sectors that can reap the benefits of this huge NFT technology.

Cal-Bay is committed to Creating valued NFTS and Identifying new genre, new market trends and being first to market in those new verticals. 

About Cal-Bay International.

A Publicly traded holding company for innovative Technologies, Digital Assets and creating a Philanthropic Foundation through digital asset technologies to support causes in the US and around the world.

Photo by Ethan Dow on Unsplash

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