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Project Ark Mints Smile ImpactNFT for PepsiCo Brand

Project Ark and Lay’s Romania are bringing the world something it can never have too much of: SMILES. Lay’s, a PepsiCo brand, has launched an “ImpactNFT” composed from over 3,000 smiles from Lay’s lovers. 

The ImpactNFT is a first-of-its-kind for Lay’s, and PepsiCo, incorporating social marketing with blockchain technology to deliver both community and environmental impact to blockchain natives, conscious consumers and the public. To guarantee a negligible carbon footprint, Project Ark will mint Lay’s NFT on the Polygon network— a Layer 2 protocol offering fast, economic and energy-efficient transactions backed by the security of Ethereum. 

Lay’s first ImpactNFT is available on the official Lay’s OpenSea Page.

The “Smiles by Lay’s” NFT is part of “Share smiles with Lay’s” campaign celebrating the simple power of “we” in Romania with magnetic smiles. The ImpactNFT showcases the key elements of the campaign: education, social and environment. One hundred percent of the proceeds will go to Let’s Do It, Romania!i’Velo by GreenRevolutionThe Adi Hădean Association, and Teach For Romania, four organizations with practical, hands-on solutions addressing some of Romania’s biggest educational, ecological and social issues.

“The SMILE ImpactNFT is an example of cross-industry partnership that can drive social impact in a creative way that adds ongoing value,” Max Song, CEO of Carbonbase and Founder of Project Ark , “There are clear synergies between minting NFTs and making the world better.” 

“The Smiles by Lay’s is a celebration of all the people and communities that got together through the Share Smiles with Lay’s campaign in Romania,” said Vlad Vlădescu, Senior Brand Manager Lay’s Romania, “We’re excited to transform this campaign into digital art.” 

Amartya Hari Pilaka, Polygon’s NFT Lead, said, “We are built for minting NFTs with a positive impact. Our partnership with Project Ark fits perfectly within our ethos of energy-efficiency and accessibility.”

Project Ark is an innovative blockchain-powered conservation platform built between Carbonbase and the World Wildlife Fund Panda Labs. A founding member of the Impact NFT Alliance, Project Ark has created an online marketplace for ImpactNFTs which fund animal and environmental conservation efforts around the world. Ark’s most recent ImpactNFTs include their WWF Egg Genesis DropSnarkySharkz and Purple Penguins


Let’s Do It, Romania! identifies polluted areas, organizes clean up, and has constructed the largest environmental education campaign in Romania. Bicycle-sharing service i’Velo, powered by GreenRevolution, has developed Romania’s first and largest network of automated bike stations with a proprietary app. The Adi Hădean Association provides those in need with nourishment through social and education projects for healthier lives. Teach For Romania trains teachers to bring creative approaches to the classroom and develops educational leadership to codify their vision for future generations.  

Photo by Mariana Anatoneag on Pixabay

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