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SpaceSeven and ENTER Art Fair 2021 to Offer the Nordic Region’s First NFT Art Marketplace

Tacans, the IT technology development company, is teaming up with ENTER Art Fair 2021, Scandinavia’s pre-eminent international art event, to launch on SpaceSeven, the Nordic region’s first marketplace for NFT art.

The 61 galleries participating in ENTER 2021 in Copenhagen will be able to select one of the artists they represent to mint one exclusive NFT, to be sold on the SpaceSeven NFT marketplace.

SpaceSeven offers a ground-breaking way for Nordic and international art to be created and collected, and forms part of ENTER Art Fair’s ambition to challenge artistic convention and experiment with new commercial platforms.

Its participation in ENTER 2021 addresses some of the most fundamental questions surrounding the combination of the art world and blockchain technologies, while placing ENTER 2021 and the Nordic region at the forefront of this rapidly-emerging global movement.

Non-Fungible Tokens are easily exchangeable and individually unique digital assets which are held on blockchains. All NFT’s are different and each has a digital signature that makes it impossible for it to be exchanged for or equal to another one.

SpaceSeven is a multi-blockchain NFT marketplace with Concordium as its primary chain, providing all the essential guarantees needed in terms of provenance, ease, security and trust for a marketplace to function properly. Tacans has chosen Concordium ID-centric Blockchain to build and deploy its solution to create the first sustainable, trustable and regulatory-compliant NFT platform.

The Concordium blockchain platform differs from other blockchains by insisting on identification and offering of governance and transparency. Users are identifiable and every transaction is trackable, all parties involved in a transaction can operate in an environment of trust.

These features completely alter the equation for buyers and sellers of NFT art, as all transactions can be traced, prices can be guaranteed and provenance can be proved. Blockchain can take new art to new people in new ways. The global art world has been experimenting with blockchain and NFTs in recent years and the technology is rapidly gaining acceptance as a valuable new avenue for the creation and auction of artworks.

The two venerable names of the auction world, Sotheby’s and Christie’s, have both moved to adopt blockchain. In March this year, Christie’s sold an NFT work by Mike ‘Beeple’ Winkelman for USD69.3m, while Sotheby’s sold an NFT by digital artist Pak. In April this year, Beijing held the world’s first crypto-art exhibition featuring 60 artists including Beeple.

Julie Alf, creator and director of the ENTER Art Fair, said: “If there is no change there is no art. Blockchain is not just a technology, it is a way for art to do what art does – hold up a mirror to society.”

The ENTER Art Fair is being held at Tunnelfabriken, Copenhagen and open for visitors between August 26 and August 29. The NFT marketplace will soon be available for artists with the SpaceSeven NFT marketplace up and running.

Photo by Febiyan on Unsplash

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