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As a result of a joint study, the Austrian Blockchain Center and Black Manta Capital Partners release “The Tokenization 50”, the ecosystem map of the Security Token market in 2021.

When it comes to financial instruments and blockchain technology, the tokenization of securities is seen as the sector with the most imminent potential for growth. Market forces, supported by regulatory and technical developments, are pushing participants in capital markets to digitize and consider the use of new technologies. The tokenization of securities is steadily increasing, reflecting both an increase in issuer volume and investor interest. A growing ecosystem of tokenization platforms, primary and secondary digital asset marketplaces, as well as custody services and infrastructure providers is fostering a steady increase in the number of offerings and trading activities related to tokenized securities.

To better understand the status-quo, the Austrian Blockchain Center, an inter- disciplinary research institute focused on Blockchain and related technologies and Black Manta Capital Partners, one of European Union’s first fully licensed, operating specialist broker for digital securities, teamed up to conduct an in-depth analysis of the global Security Token market and its main players. Parts of the analysis are now published in visual form. The map “The Tokenization 50” provides an overview of leading companies in the global Security Token ecosystem. Based on a comprehensive market screening, supported by quantitative research and surveys among international market leaders, it sheds light on the rapidly growing Security Token market. Out of 250+ companies active in this burgeoning sector, the list identifies the Top 50 players.

As a regulated Financial Service Institute specialized in Security Token Offerings, we see ourselves as a linchpin of the ecosystem” said Christian Platzer, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of BMCP. “A cooperative ecosystem approach was an important part of our DNA from day one. We are excited to visualize the most important global players for a wider audience. This is the first public output of our long-term cooperation with the Austrian Blockchain Center.”

“Blockchain technology is transforming the financial sector through tokenization. The Austrian Blockchain Center supports companies when adopting this new paradigm with applied research. Together with our partner BMCP we want to contribute to the development of Security Token Offerings by making the current landscape public.” said Alfred Taudes, Scientific Head of Austrian Blockchain Center.

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