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UREEQA and 0Chain Partner to Set New Benchmark for NFT Storage

UREEQA, a blockchain-based platform for protecting, managing and monetizing creative work, today announced its partnership with 0Chain, a world-leading decentralized storage solutions provider. To safeguard content and mitigate the flaws that are within the current systems in place for copyright, patent, industrial design, and trademark protection, UREEQA will create a security protocol with an integration of 0Chain’s decentralized storage layer. The partnership will create a solution to ensure secure and private data storage of NFTs in the UREEQA marketplace.  

As more and more people buy NFTs, safety measures must be placed to protect consumers. Still in its nascent stages, there are several issues that could put people at risk. Main issues include broken NFT links resulting from nodes offloading data to host new data for better incentives, delays in retrieving purchased NFTs due to their storage on IPFS archival storage layers, and complications arising from even the smallest difference in resolutions or aspect ratios of NFTs.  

The partnership looks to expand upon various integration features, including a multi-payer pool for NFT storage permanency, which allows a buyer to pre-pay their own storage allocation for their NFT.  
UREEQA will evaluate the integration of 0Chain’s dStorage layer and protocols as follows: 

  • Multi-Payer pool for NFT Storage Permanency:  
    • Before a buyer purchases an NFT, they will take comfort in knowing the Pre-Paid time-period for storage with each allocation.  
    • Once NFT is purchased, the buyer may continue and Pre-Pay their own storage allocation for their NFT.  
  • SLA Layer with Integrated Data Transfer:  
    • High-level security protocol to safeguard NFT assets before completion of sale and asset transfer. 
  • Allow multiple assets for a NFT’s: 
    • Creators may group their NFT’s with different resolutions and aspect ratios into one storage allocation.  
  • Allow Mutable NFTs for livestream events:  
    • Pay-Per-View events for Artists and Creators to monetize the lion’s share of their work through a direct B2C transaction.  

“With 0Chain decentralized storage technology coupling the NFT and the underlying asset life cycles through NFT-storage allocation mapping and multi-party storage payee, we believe NFT platforms integrating this technology will have one less thing to worry about, let alone end equipped with a rich toolkit that has the potential to bring in new possibilities and use cases, such as video, to this space,” said Mo Siam, 0Chain’s Director of Operations. 
“UREEQA is thrilled to partner with 0Chain to bring their groundbreaking solution to our platform,” said Rob Eccles, COO at UREEQA. “With their decentralized storage approach, we simultaneously address the complex issues of data privacy and protection and offer the users of UREEQA secure, auditable and performant access to their creations.” 


UREEQA is a blockchain-based platform dedicated to building a robust Package of Proof for minting validated NFTs that represent creative rights. Creators can securely upload and store their content on UREEQA for free and submit their content to the Ureeqa Premium Protected Collection for added protection. An NFT will be minted for each creation that is validated on UREEQA and it will serve as the creator’s immutable claim to their work. Each NFT will be tied to a creator’s Package of Proof stored on the blockchain, which will document authenticity and ownership. 

ABOUT 0Chain

0Chain is a high-performance decentralized storage network designed to eliminate business threats such as censorship, privacy liability and data breaches. 0Chain helps entities achieve GDPR compliance, localization, tokenization and monetizes private data sharing.

Photo by Narciso Arellano on Unsplash

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