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Metahero Launches a Personalized Metascanning Technology to Increase Blockchain Adoption

On June 21, 2021, Metahero launched a new project, which is a 3D scanning solution for personalized avatars and virtual items. Metahero combines 3D scanning and modeling technology with the NFT smart contracts to enable the creation of unique, ultra-HD meta avatars and meta-objects that can exist forever on the blockchain.

The next-gen technology creates ultra-HD 3D scans that can be used across social media, games, VR platforms, as well as in art, fashion, online shopping, science, medicine, education, and engineering.

The Metaverse is a mixture of augmented, virtual and enhanced reality online and in games. The shared virtual space is predicted to become the future of the Internet and how we go about daily lives and earn a living.

The metaverse-related markets, although still ill-defined, have been growing and are predicted to increase exponentially in coming years. The in-game items market alone is currently worth $50B, while the AR/VR markets are estimated at $30.7B and predicted to grow to $297B by 2024.

The Metaverse has also been adopting various blockchain technologies and building blockchain-based decentralized worlds like Decentraland and Axie infinity. The use of blockchain and cryptocurrencies allows games and virtual platforms to provide revenue to their makers, gamers, and builders through in-game economies, smart staking, trading, and holding metaverse assets.

For example, the Axie Infinity genesis plot, a virtual piece of land that generates revenue to its owners within the game, has been sold for an equivalent of $1.5M in Ethereum. Another example is Fortnite. In 2019, the famous metaverse game by Epic Games organized a virtual concert of DJ Marshmello that attracted 10.7M unique players online.

Photo by VED on Unsplash

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