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Tokenization Will Allow Industrial Companies to Create Additional Value for Their ESG-Compliant Products

Interros, founded by Vladimir Potanin, and one of Russia’s largest investment firms, will support Atomyze, the international tokenization platform. The announcement was made by Sergei Batekhin, CEO and Head of the Management Board of Interros, while he shared his views on the emerging digital trading technology at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

Mr. Batekhin said tokenization can provide product’s proof of origin, ESG compliance and other benefits and value generators that will become a key incentive for the digitalization of industrial goods. In addition to the obvious gains from streamlining supply chain networks, planning and re-distribution, digital assets backed by ESG compliant products will have a clear difference over traditional trading instruments. Mr. Batekhin further stated markets will be willing to pay a premium for Blockchain enabled ESG compliance and proof of origin.

“Tokens for such products can become an investment tool and can be used not only by traditional industrial clients, but also by investors focused on ESG. The Blockchain technology proves the origin of goods and services at all stages of their production right up to disposal or final use. Tokens, or Smart contracts, can record at issuance important information about geographical location, carbon footprint and other key information responsible manufacturers and consumers need regarding the compliance of products with ESG standards.” – commented Sergei Batekhin.

Norilsk Nickel, the world’s largest producer of palladium and nickel, issued the first metal contract tokens to its main industrial partners Traxys SA and Umicore SA in December of last year. The mining giant became one of the first companies in the industry and in the world to launch this mechanism. Later this year Nornickel is planning to release the first batch of carbon-neutral nickel, Norilsk Nickel Senior Vice President Sergey Dubovitsky told reporters during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Carbon neutral status will be achieved by Norilsk Nickel’s offsetting and production measures, verified by international auditors.

Photo by Feri & Tasos on Unsplash

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