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MoMAA the First NFT Modern African Art Exhibition Features The Portraitist

The Museum of Modern African Art Gallery & Lifestyle (MoMAA), a platform that focuses on being the leading voice of African art is holding the first NFT Modern African Art Exhibition from May 18 to June 18, 2021.

The First NFT Modern African Art Exhibition features The Portraitist

The Portraitist is an artist who is pushing the edges of the crypto art medium on multiple levels. His Kings and Queens Collection contain 1st ever portraits of African kings minted on the blockchain, and it is absorbing from an African art perspective. The Portraitist pushes an African heritage history further into the digital world and connects traditional art with crypto art.

It is the first NFT collection of all worlds’ royal families, and 30 of 32 portraits from the Kings and Queens Collection are 1st ever portraits of these persons minted on blockchain at the same time. The Portraitist is one of the few NFT artists that push on radically high uniqueness assisted on the wings of the crypto technology, which makes all his art highly collectible. The Kings and Queens Collection is listed on the Opensea platform. 

The Portraitist pushes the envelope to communicate with traditional galleries first to show his crypto art in connection with conventional gallery media first, and his artwork offer goes on online auctions later. Its pioneer and hard work (with some galleries probably will not happen in our lifetime), but this process was happening in one way or another. Human history shows that technology changes are unstoppable overall and become genuinely mainstream how time goes.

NFT As Unique Digital Asset

The monetary value of expensive fine art is often driven by scarcity and uniqueness, and NFT art just pushes that one level higher than traditional art. NFTs are certificates of ownership of a unique digital item that is unquestionable. These digital receipts reside on the blockchain (a digital ledger), and once an NFT has been “minted,” its code is permanently woven into the blockchain and can not be changed. Crypto art is starting to be part of the art world.

Photo by Julien Dumas on Unsplash

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