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Texture Capital and Vertalo to Expand Digital Securities Ecosystem

Texture Capital Inc., the institutional marketplace for private capital, today announced a partnership with Vertalo, the digital asset data management platform and SEC-registered transfer agent, to collaborate on solutions to develop the digital securities ecosystem. 

Texture Capital has integrated with Vertalo’s technology sandbox, including token issuance, cap table management, and transfer agency services. Vertalo’s Direct Ownership and Direct Listing Platform are transforming the private asset ownership space and, paired with Texture Capital’s technology-driven marketplace, will help to streamline current market structure via Texture’s Alternative Trading System (ATS). 

The opportunity to digitize securities on a global scale is escalating as the market for private securities is massive & growing. According to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), $2.7 trillion in private offerings were issued in 2019, significantly greater than registered offerings. 

“Vertalo is a pioneer in the digital securities space, and we see many complementary benefits to this partnership,” said Richard Johnson, CEO and founder, Texture Capital. “Moving forward, mutual clients will be able to issue digital securities using the Vertalo platform, and have those securities trade on the Texture ATS.” 

“With recent SEC statements clarifying the treatment of digital asset custody, we believe the routine trading of digital securities in private markets will soon be a global phenomenon and our collaboration with Texture Capital is another critical step in that direction,” said Dave Hendricks, CEO and founder of Vertalo. “With a shared perspective on an innovative, workable, and compliant approach to the trade and transfer of digital asset securities, Vertalo and Texture are prepared to make their mark in the private markets sector.” 

Texture Capital launched in November of 2020 having been registered with SEC and obtaining FINRA membership. Run by capital markets and blockchain industry veterans, this milestone helps enable Texture to issue, tokenize, and trade digital securities. 

About Texture Capital

Texture Capital (https://texture.capital)the institutional marketplace for private capital, is a technology-driven marketplace for accredited investors, institutions and issuers to more efficiently and directly participate in the private markets, which should improve liquidity, transparency, and access. We leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to streamline the current market structure for private placements; supporting the primary issuance and secondary trading of digital securities through a FINRA member broker-dealer and an SEC registered ATS.

About Vertalo

Launched after their own March 2018 STO, Vertalo (www.vertalo.com) is a B2B SaaS company founded to map the gaps between primary and secondary trading of digital securities offerings. As the ‘Operating System for Digital Assets’, Vertalo is focused on connecting and enabling the digital asset economy, providing an industry-leading cap table and investor onboarding solution that facilitates direct ownership and direct listing of any private asset. In addition to offering direct issuance services to private companies, Vertalo also offers white-label, licensed, and joint venture opportunities to capital advisors, broker-dealers, and investment banks. A subsidiary of SeriesX, Vertalo is headquartered in Austin, TX with offices in New York City and Philadelphia.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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