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Maxonrow Launches Asset Tokenization Service True Asset Issuing (TAI)

Maxonrow announced the launch of its asset tokenization service—True Asset Issuing (TAI), available starting Sep 1. As a leading technology company committed to helping businesses and governments improve security and efficiency in digital processes, Maxonrow launched its Maxonrow Blockchain and MAX-Wallet on the same date in 2019. One year later, the company is proud to share another milestone.

With TAI, Maxonrow aims to optimize financial services and connect the world economy by making value exchange effortless, efficient and transparent. Through the service, users with genuine and verified identity can issue digital assets backed in real life. Maxonrow does not accept anonymous or pseudonymous submissions, ensuring that only real people supported by verified identities who can provide valid proof of ownership can issue digital assets. In the Maxonrow ecosystem, all identities are verifiable.

To ensure a great user experience and utmost security, Maxonrow joined forces with KYC-Chain, a global compliance solution and KYC onboarding platform. With the collaboration, Maxonrow can offer users added safety and comply with regulations without sacrificing convenience or comfort. 

“We at KYC-Chain are thrilled about the collaboration with Maxonrow, with KYC-Chain’s state-of-the-art technology repertoire, we will be able to support Maxonrow with a secure and smooth onboarding experience”. Edmund Lowell, CEO of KYC-Chain

“We are excited to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of Maxonrow Blockchain/ MAX-Wallet launch with this new partnership. As we at Maxonrow continue to help our clients develop safer and smarter solutions, we are grateful for partners like KYC-Chain who protect our users’ security while maintaining a seamless user experience.”Carlo Chung, CTO of Maxonrow

About Maxonrow

Maxonrow is a leading technology company committed to building a safe and efficient digital world. The company develops an array of products and services powered by blockchain technology, focusing on increasing security and efficiency in digital processes, including document management system, asset tokenization services, and digital identity wallet solutions.

Official Website  www.maxonrow.com

Telegram  https://t.me/MXWOfficial

Twitter  https://twitter.com/Maxonrow

About KYC-Chain

KYC-Chain provides state of the art compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Since 2014, KYC-Chain has helped service providers cost-effectively process millions of KYC applications.

SOURCE Maxonrow

Photo by Timo Volz on Pexels

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