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Amazon Partners with Ownera on Hackathon to Launch the Revolutionary Ownera Digital Securities API

Ownera, the institutional-grade blockchain network for digital securities (AKA Security Tokens), has announced it will be releasing its Digital Securities API utilizing the Amazon Managed Blockchain service running HyperLedger Fabric. Ownera is a network where all nodes will be regulated financial entities (such as banks, asset managers and exchanges), who underwrite and distribute the assets on the network.

The Ownera API to be released is so simple and powerful, that the Hackathon will challenge digital securities platform developers to fully adapt their applications to support Ownera within the 3 days of The Global Hackathon, between October 13-15 at the CIS conference (as part of the Los Angeles blockchain week).

A Blockchain for Asset Ownership

Ownera will be demoing the API and also leading a technical session for developers on October 15-16 at the Los Angeles Convention Center during CIS.  The API will also be made available early to participants in The Global Hackathon that begins on October 13 and ends on stage at CIS, where Ownera and AWS will give an award for the most innovative use of their API.

The Ownera Digital Securities API connects ownership apps to Ownera, while unlocking the core features necessary for launching compliant digital security platforms and apps:

  • Connects to the Ownera institutional-grade test net, built with HyperLedger Fabric utilizing the Amazon Managed Blockchain Service.
  • Runs on a version of HyperLedger Fabric, converted by Ownera from a private to a public network, which will initially be permissioned, and eventually become permissionless.
  • Connect digital securities platforms and developers to a network of verified assets managed by nodes which are all regulated financial institutions.
  • Enables the simple development of institutional-grade digital securities issuance, trading and management platforms.
  • Includes profile management, including KYC, investor accreditation, etc.
  • Includes asset management, including Know your Asset (KYA), an innovation Ownera pioneered to include verified asset information and investor rights in an immutable and legally-binding way in the blockchain as an integral part of every digital security – so investors know exactly what they are getting.
  • Has built-in Atomic Swap transaction capabilities to enable the instant sale of digital securities for any currency credit, fiat or digital, minimizing counterparty risk.
  • Connects to the innovative Ownera Regulation App Store, turning regulation compliance into AI-powered blockchain apps that asset-issuers can simply choose from a list!

Fireside Chat with Ami Ben-David

Additionally, Security Token Pioneer Ami Ben-David, the Founder and CEO of Ownera, will be doing a presentation, followed by a fireside chat at CIS to discuss the next evolution of digital securities into the institutional market, and how Amazon is providing the infrastructure for this paradigm shift on which Ownera will be running.

Ownera Founder and CEO, Ami Ben-David on stage at CIS last October during LIVE taping of CNBC Crypto Trader.

About Ownera 

Ownera is an institutional-grade digital securities network, where all nodes are regulated financial entities (such as banks, asset managers and exchanges), who underwrite, verify transactions for regulation-compliance, and then distribute the assets to their institutional clients across the network. Ownera is built on a version of HyperLedger Fabric, upgraded from a private blockchain configuration, to a public permissionless model.

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