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Stellerro Plans to Launch Its Fully Regulated STO Under ESMA Regulations, by Mid-June 2019

Stellerro, an alternative investment banking platform based both in Israel and Spain, announced the excepted launch of its new ESMA fully regulated Security Token Offering for the new ownership and rev-share asset class: the STRO token. 

Self-founded in mid-2018 by an experienced group of entrepreneurs from the Israeli capital markets & fintech industries, all are Blockchain veterans: Aviad Gindi – CEO, Dror Medalion – GM, Elad Kofman -CSO, Noam Barnea -CTO & Liron Rose – Advisory lead.

Stellerro™ was built in order to stand as the threshold between the traditional capital markets and the innovative world of tokenized securities backed by Blockchain technology. The company assists blue-chip grade private equity funds, real estate owners & innovative startups to raise capital by digitizing illiquid assets into fractional holdings and issuing fully compliant asset-backed digital securities.

Stellerro™ believes that as the blockchain ecosystem matures, regulated digital offerings will become easier to access and invest in. the ever-advancing technology, the binding legal structure and automated-transparent approach; all are now unified to create the most important thing private capital Investors seek for— Liquidation & Tradability. The crypto-currency space is heading towards real financial achievements and enhanced value propositions, by allowing benefits as reduced locking periods and soft entry barriers for private capital investors. This is why some of the biggest players out there, including Nasdaq and Forbes feel the same. 

Considering all tractions, in the near future, Stellerro™ will issue its own fully compliant STO funding campaign with the new token symbol: STRO.

  • Stellerro successfully developed its issuance, investors’ onboarding and asset-management platform in 2018 and intends to raise €5,000,000 from its STRO funding round to enable the firm further business development and global R&D operations.
  • The STRO token will bring a new-level of compliance standards to the STO ecosystem, with top-tier Law firms; Igal Arnon & co. and leading accounting & advisory auditor firm – BDO. The token will grant exclusive ownership rights to investors along with revenue share of company projects.
  • Stellerro will offer preferred terms for early pre-sale purchasers and whitelisted investors and will operate under a joint venture with distributors, authorized broker-dealers and investments firms.
  • All investors will have to go through KYC & AML procedures in order to acquire Stellerro’s digital shares. According to ESMA regulations, both retail and accredited European investors are entitled to participate in this funding round.
  • The private offering whitelist is now open. The public STRO token offering is expected to begin mid-June. Additional details can be found at www.stellerro.com

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