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Welcome to The Tokenizer

In the aftermath of the rapid rise and spectacular fall of the ICO phenomenon something potentially far more precious, sustainable and influential is about to evolve. We are now entering a new era in the history of blockchain and crypto — the era of tokenization.

Some like to call it an imminent global revolution, but without overdramatising, there is hardly any doubt that the era of tokenization – and security tokens as a function of tokenization – represents a breakthrough in the blockchain and crypto space with potentially significant implications for a wide range of other sectors and industries.

At its core tokenization is about creating representations of real-world assets in the form of virtual security tokens that can be traded globally. It is about making passive assets liquid and making already digital assets, like shares, even more tradeable – more accessible, faster and cheaper. And it is about a new democratisation and globalisation of investments in many different types of assets based on and driven by security tokens.

It is estimated that the global economic potential of tokenization should be counted in trillions of Euros. More and more analysts consider ‘tokenization of everything’ as a realistic future scenario in the next decade. An example is Marieke Flament, managing director for Europe at Circle:

“We believe in the tokenization of everything. This company’s vision is that not just money but ownership of every asset, including commodities, precious metals, land, homes, luxury goods will one day be moved as a token on a blockchain. What we don’t know is whether that will be in five years from now or 10 years from now. But our fundamental belief is that this will change society.”[Marieke Flament

Whether five, ten or even fifteen years, it is evident that things have started to move fast already, and that 2019 will be the year tokenization will become known in much wider circles. What we are witnessing now is the birth of an entirely new industry.

Tokenization and security tokens are the talk of the town in leading crypto communities. Tokenization specialist companies from the US, Asia and Europe are popping up almost on a weekly basis. And regulatory authorities in jurisdictions all over the world are now considering how to handle – and hopefully embrace – the new crypto trend. The good news from a regulatory perspective is that while the majority of ICOs tend to avoid regulation, the more sober trend of tokenization, security tokens and STOs is all about compliance and collaboration with regulatory authorities.

To support the development of all this the industry and its stakeholders need trustworthy and specialised information sources, and that is why we are launching The Tokenizer.

The first of its kind in Europe, The Tokenizer strives to be the leading media platform for everything related to the coming revolution of tokenization and a token-driven economy. With a strong economy, fast growing fintech, blockchain and crypto industries, and close regulatory collaboration across the 28 EU countries, demand for an online resource dedicated to the development of tokenization in the region is high.

The Tokenizer targets a diverse group of stakeholders within the space of tokenization, security tokens, stablecoins and token regulation. This group encompasses:

  • Tokenization specialist companies
  • Security token exchanges
  • Tokenizers – legal entities or individuals tokenizing assets and issuing security tokens
  • Multi collateral stablecoin platforms
  • Regulatory authorities from jurisdictions around the world.

We also hope to attract blockchain and crypto enthusiasts and professionals operating within financial technology.

Besides the latest news from the industry, we will offer in-depth articles, interviews, explainer videos, white papers, industry portraits, podcasts, community services and an industry event calendar.

The Tokenizer is owned by Norfico, and all content and the services will be produced and delivered by Norfico in collaboration with our international team of partners consisting of journalists, analysts, influencers and specialised producers of video and podcast content.

If you too would like to become a sponsor or to advertise in The Tokenizer, please send us an e-mail or give us a call. If you have any comments regarding The Tokenizer or ideas for content or services that you would like us to consider, please do not hesitate to contact us

We wish you happy reading, and please help us spread the word about The Tokenizer and the revolution of tokenization!

Best regards,

Kristian T. Sørensen & Michael Juul Rugaard