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The Tokenization of Global Assets: An Overview (Expert Panel with tZero and Polymath)

Security Token Academy
Published 12 April 2018

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Security Token Academy presents an expert panel discussion on the security token applications in crypto-based offerings and the future tokenization of the multi-trillion dollars of global assets. This is part of our Security Token Expert Series.

During the expert panel, we will explore and discuss the following topics:
-The tokenization of global assets compared to ICOs, STOs, and IPOs
-The benefits of tokenizing existing assets
-The key areas for tokenization such as real estate, debt, and others
-The tokenization industry and ecosystem, including tokenization companies, token trading platforms, and advisory companies

Expert Panel includes:
-Joseph Cammarata, President of tZERO, a company building token trading system
-Chris Housser, Co-founder of Polymath Network