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Taurus SA has now fully integrated Algorand, a pure Proof-of-Stake (PPoS) blockchain, which includes the support of ALGO, its native token, staking capabilities as well as Algorand Standard Assets (ASA) for the issuance of fungible and non-fungible tokens.

Giving banks and financial institutions access to the Algorand ecosystem

Taurus-PROTECT, the #1 custody platform for banks, has fully integrated Algorand blockchain. It supports now: ALGO native token, ALGO staking capabilities and ASA Algorand Standard Assets. Taurus’ clients will be able to use Algorand to generate passive yield by collecting staking rewards as well as issuing and managing tokenised assets leveraging ASA. Also, Taurus has expanded Taurus-EXPLORER, its blockchain connectivity infrastructure, to support Algorand.

“It is great to see Taurus, an industry-leading digital assets platform, now integrated with the Algorand blockchain,” said Pietro Grassano, Business Solutions Director for Europe at Algorand. “This is an exciting new avenue for financial institutions to access all that Algorand’s Layer-1 has to offer, from speed and scalability to security and the lowest possible environmental impact.”

Dr. Jean-Philippe Aumasson, co-founder and Chief Security Officer at Taurus, said: “We received multiple requests by clients to access the Algorand protocol and its tokenisation capabilities. We are hence pleased to partner with Algorand to unlock new use cases and continue to provide the widest choice possibles to our clients, not only in terms of base layer 1 protocols but also in terms of tokenisation capabilities where Taurus has become the undisputed leader in the world.”

About Algorand

Founded by Turing Award–winning cryptographer Silvio Micali, Algorand’s high–performing Layer-1 blockchain is unparalleled for bringing fast, frictionless, and inclusive technologies to everyone. Algorand is reshaping every industry–from TradFi and DeFi to new creator economies and beyond. With an extraordinary commitment to interoperability and consistent delivery, its sustainable technology powers more participation, transparency, and efficiency for all. As the technology of choice for 2000+ global organizations, the Algorand ecosystem is transforming the next generation of financial products, protocols and exchange of value.

About The Algorand Foundation

The Algorand Foundation is a not-for-profit organization that has a vision of a borderless, frictionless economy built on public, decentralized blockchain technology. The Foundation envisions a wide breadth of applications being built on the Algorand protocol by a new, broader community of blockchain and mainstream developers. The Foundation is committed to facilitating this innovation in a sustainable and eco-friendly manner.

About Taurus SA

Taurus SA was founded in April 2018 in Geneva, Switzerland, specialising in digital assets and blockchain. Taurus was founded by senior executives with a background in banking, regulatory, IT, and cyber security. Taurus delivers its clients the infrastructure to manage ANY digital asset: cryptocurrencies, tokenised assets, and digital currencies, with one unified platform. It is a leader in Europe and Switzerland. Taurus solutions are in production and entrusted with the full spectrum of banks: systemic banks, investment banks, private banks, retail/digital banks, crypto-banks, trading venues.

Photo by Andreas Gücklhorn on Unsplash

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