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High-quality, free-to-download asset tokenization reports on real estate, custody, funds, bonds, and regulation in Asia and Europe are to be published by The Tokenizer in the coming months.

The Tokenizer’s experts are more productive than ever in fulfilling their mission of informing a large audience worldwide about the most exciting topics within the security token space. Thus, the many readers of The Tokenizer’s reports and analyses can expect publications on five new topics during the remainder of 2023.

Before summer, The Tokenizer published two reports that received an overwhelmingly positive reception globally. They are still available for download: The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who 2023 and The Uncertain Regulatory Status of NFTs.

The five new reports

In the coming months, The Tokenizer will publish the following five reports:

  • Real Estate: Tokenization of Real Estate in the US
    • This report explores the concept of tokenization of real estate and the potential legal implications.

  • Regulation at a Glance – two reports
    • These reports deliver an overview of security token regulations across jurisdictions in Europe and Asia. 
  1. Regulation at a Glance – Europe (covering 26 European countries)
  2. Regulation at a Glance – Asia (covering 29 Asian counties)

  • Tokenization of Funds & Bonds
    • This report deep dive into the exciting topic of tokenizing funds and bonds, which could impact worldwide.

  • The Security Token Custody Report 
    • This report answers the fundamental questions about custody and the role of custodians in a security token context. It includes a step-by-step guide to how and where to safeguard security tokens and delivers a worldwide overview of custodians specialising in security tokens.

Available sponsorships

All reports will be financed through sponsorships and free to download for our global audience throughout the security token industry. Professional players interested in sponsorship should contact The Tokenizer for more information.

Besides the five reports mentioned above, preparation for the 2024 edition of The Tokenizer’s Who’s Who starts in Q4. The Tokenizer is already now receiving sponsorship requests for this new edition.

The Five Elements of The Tokenizer

While publishing expert reports is an essential activity for The Tokenizer, it’s by no means the only one. 

The Tokenizer’s services cover five main elements:

  • SaaS Services
  • Consultancy
  • Data & Media services
  • Affiliation 
  • Investor matchmaking

For a more complete description, please click here.

For more information, please contact:

Tom Penn, Director

The Tokenizer A/S

[email protected] 

+44 7828 998713

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