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Stobox is conducting a security token offering for a real estate investment platform, helping it take advantage of the benefits tokenization can offer.

A leading turn-key STO provider Stobox releases its next Security Token Offering (STO) for RMCG Digital Holdings. The company offers debt tokens with 10% annual interest and a 5-year duration.

RMCG has a $50 to 100 million fundraising goal, selling the first 10 million tokens (of 103 million) at a 15% discount rate and the following 15 million tokens at a 10% discount rate.

RMCG Digital Holdings is a real estate investment platform that uses cutting-edge blockchain technology to give individuals, not just institutions, access to prestigious real estate development ventures alongside large development groups and some of the world’s most well-known institutional partners.

With the help of Stobox DS Dashboard, RMCG issues 5-year debt tokens with a 10% interest rate. The company will use the raised funds to open an investment opportunity in institutional real estate funds, which traditionally work with top institutional investors like Citibank or JP Morgan. With the help of a security token offering, RMCG will enable non-institutional investors to work with prime real estate with low risk. This allows achieving an excellent 10% return on a safe asset like property.

“RMCG Digital Holdings was formed to give individuals outside the United States the rare opportunity to invest in extraordinary, institutional-grade real estate development projects located in some of the most desirable locations in the US,” said RMCG Digital Holdings Managing Director Demetrius Ford. He added, “Opportunities such as these have historically been offered solely to institutional investors and professionally managed family offices, but thanks to Stobox and Blockchain technology, we are now leveling the playing field and giving access to the masses.”

“Financial reports conducted by different agencies worldwide are united in the statement that it’s the real estate that is ripe for integration with blockchain technology. It’s a lot of industries STO can be conducted for, but property tokenization is surely on its verge now,” says Gene Deyev, CEO of Stobox. “We are proud of allowing increasing liquidity and making the company engaged in such a prominent field even more attractive for investors.”

About Stobox

An award-winning company, Stobox provides technology and consulting to help clients leverage digital assets and tokenized securities. It is one of the few companies globally that offers a decentralized trading mechanism for digital assets. Stobox Digital Securities Dashboard, the company’s native tokenization platform, enables a technical setup to be completed in four weeks while also providing various other benefits such as worldwide investor access and share trading.

Photo by Blake Wheeler on Unsplash

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