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Brazilian Samba School Império Serrano is Launching the World’s First Brazilian Carnival NFT

UREEQA is helping to make more digital art history in South America with the world’s first Brazilian Carnival NFT on behalf of the legendary Império Serrano samba school and the Brazilian entertainment company Abrakazum.

In addition to a piece of unique Carnival-related art, the samba school will tokenize the Império Serrano flag carried during the 2022 parade, a lifetime costume in one of the parade’s floats and four lifetime tickets to the parade itself (to be used any year). It’s another strong new example of the next phase of the NFT culture, in which Creators are tokenizing physical and digital creations in a combined offering.

UREEQA will utilize its Responsible Minting™ technology to verify the ownership, authorship and originality of the work itself, and to protect Império Serrano, Abrakazum and prospective buyers.

The auction kicks off Wednesday, Sept. 1 with a starting bid of US$18,700 in UREEQA’s Marketplace.

“Império has a pioneering tradition,” Império Serrano Executive Director Luis Escafura said of his 74-year-old organization. “It was the first samba school to parade with a themed Samba, the first to parade with a ‘Front Commission,’ the first one to own a soccer club, among other innovations. We are very excited to write our names in history once again with the world’s first Carnival-related NFT.”

“NFTs are a digital revolution that is being adopted by artists, athletes, celebrities and brands to sell art on the internet,” Abrakazum Founder Juno Moraes said. “However, tokenization is not restricted to art, painting, music or animation. An NFT can be anything that can be sold and have its ownership transferred. This is exactly what Império Serrano has done with the NFT offering, and we’re thrilled to be supporting their endeavor.”

“The beautiful thing about the NFT space is there are no limits in terms of reach,” UREEQA CEO Harsch Khandelwal said. “Anybody in the world with an internet connection can make, sell or buy NFTs, and UREEQA is prepared to protect, manage and monetize NFTs worldwide regardless of cultural or language dynamics that in the past might have been viewed as barriers. The NFT market is a global village, and we have the ability to serve everybody. Working with respected Brazilian institutions like Império and Abrakazum is an honor, and proof that we’re ready to take on the globe.”

Photo by Mukund Kulur on Unsplash

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